Update - Wednesday, June 13th: We're going to stream on Facebook Live, Instagram Live and YouTube Live at the same time! Follow/subscribe to get notified when we're on the air at 1PM today!


We're excited to announce several new products that we've been working on for the past year this Wednesday, June 13th on Facebook Live. Sign up for our product development newsletter above to get notified an hour before we go live!

What's new?

Based on our years of feedback, experience and expertise in creating the world's most advanced mobile photography and filmmaking gear, we've concluded that a single product can't be the answer for everything. Every creative has unique needs, and our latest products are designed to be used together - along with our current product collections - to offer an even more powerful ecosystem of professional-quality gear for any shooting scenario.

BeastCam app for iPhone

We're also getting ready to release our BeastCam photography and filmmaking app for iOS! We've mentioned this app in the past and had to put it on hold temporarily since there were a lot of great apps already available. But as our needs grew and we began to run into problems that we couldn't solve with the current solutions out there, we knew we had to finish it and couldn't be more proud of our progress!

Pro Series 3X Telephoto lens

One of our biggest challenges with getting zoom and/or a beautiful portrait shot was the lack of a high-quality telephoto lens available anywhere in the market. We knew that we had to create our own and that our lens needed to be designed for professional use, since this is a big win for mobile journalists, interviewers and live streamers. We're in the final stages of our testing and can't wait to release it!

Much more...

We have even more gear that we can't talk about until the live stream... Just know that all of these new products are interchangeable, strong and versatile like all of our other gear, and add even more value and capabilities to for your iPhone, Galaxy, Pixel and (insert smartphone model here) rigs and accessories. Tune in on Wednesday and see them first! BG

    June 12, 2018 — Sean Lawrence