Phone Camera Lenses

The job of the smartphone lens is to enhance the image-gathering capability of your phone and allow you to take your mobile photography or videography to the next level. They do this by either enhancing the camera’s existing capabilities or adding features not included with the camera originally.

Beastgrip smartphone lenses enable you to change the aspect ratio of your camera to achieve that classic Hollywood look, extend the field of view to create a sense of scale, endow your videos with that GoPro feel or capture the smallest detail with incredible clarity.

Why Beastgrip Smartphone Lenses?

The team at Beastgrip is committed to helping our customers get more from their mobile photography experience. Our goal is to help creators realize their vision and indulge their imaginative flights of fancy by creating professional-looking photos and videos.

Take your phoneography to the next level and capture those beautiful city and landscapes, unlock the secrets of nature, ramp up your influencer career, create YouTube videos that rake in the views or produce award-winning documentaries and films by adding Beastgrip smartphone lenses to your kit bag.

Beastgrip Pro Series - 1.33X Anamorphic Lens MK2

Take your cinematic shots to a new unimaginable levels by utilizing new updated cameras on your iPhone 14 with Beastgrip Pro Series 1.33X Anamorphic lens. Create beautiful films and documentaries and enhance your vision with a beautiful 2.4:1 widescreen aspect ratio plus classic horizontal lens flares. This would be your perfect lens for storytelling, making short films and shooting cityscapes and landscapes. Add a Hollywood touch to your videos and reels and capture unforgettable shots every time you use this lens with your smartphone.

Beastgrip X Kenko Pro Series 0.75X Wide Angle Lens

One of the best selling wide angle lenses on the market Beastgrip 0.75X Wide Angle lens will allow you to capture your shots with 25% wider field of view and unmatched image quality. This lens is a perfect match for mobile journalists, social media content creators, filming action sports, capturing breathtaking landscapes and cityscapes shots and many more.

Comes with built-in 58mm lens filter mount that will allow you attach your favorite filters and add even more creativity to your filming process. Capture professional grade videos and stills by using this lens with your smartphone.

Beastgrip Wide-Angle Lens with Macro

Looking for a great wide angle lens with macro than look no further. Beastgrip 0.6X Wide Angle lens with Macro provides advanced optical performance at a affordable price. This lens will allow you to capture nearly 2X wider field in each frame. Need some macro shots? Simply remove the top lens part of the lens and use it for extreme close-up macro shots like flowers, textures, etc.

This is a great lens for shooting in small areas and spaces, filming cityscapes and landscapes and for action sports fans. It also allows you to attach your favorite 52mm filter and enhance your creativity even more.

Beastgrip Fisheye Lens with Macro

This is the widest angle lens in our store. The Fisheye lens with Macro creates a nearly 180 degree field of view and allows you to capture even more in each frame. This would be an excellent lens for those who like filming actions sports or those who are looking to add more creativity to their filming projects. Take it with you next time you go snowboarding or skateboarding and create those unique shots that only Fisheye lenses are capable of.

Beastgrip DOF Adapter MK2

The Depth of Field Adapter enables the creator to infuse their imagery with a visual and emotional realism it’s almost impossible to get with standard smartphone lenses. Transform your smartphone into DSLR camera and add a beautiful film look, shallow depth of field and bokeh to your films and reels. Add your favorite vintage Nikon F-mount, Nikon G-mount, M42 mount or Pentax K-mount lens and create a visual masterpiece. With this in your kit bag you’re ready for anything.

1.55 MK2 (coming soon)

Beastgrip 1.55X MK2 Anamorphic lens is an updated version of first generation 1.55X Anamorphic lens. Take your cinematic shots to the next level and film in Ultra Panavision 2.7:1 aspect ratio. Give your footage that beloved by many Hollywood movie feel and make them look like the next Tarantino film. Wider field of view, beautiful flares and even more dramatic perspective! This is the best cinematic lenses on the market for your smartphone.

1.7X Telephoto (coming soon)

Beastgrip 1.7X Telephoto lens will give you natural perspective with nice separation between your subject and background. Get really close to your object, create really nice separation and draw your attention to the specific area of your image. Unmatched image quality makes it great lens for portrais, nature shots, products shots and interviews.