iPhone 12 Camera Accessories

Take your iPhone 12 photography and filmmaking to new levels and get the best gear for your iphoneography journey. Take great quality pictures and videos with the best iPhone camera gear on the market. Here at Beastgrip, you will find high-quality rigs, lenses, filters, action handles, and tons of other accessories for your iPhone.


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Beastgrip Pro

Beastgrip Pro is the most versatile smartphone camera rig on the market. Used by professional filmmakers and beginners all around the globe, Beastgrip Pro is proven to be the main choice for anyone who wants to build a perfect rig and use as many accessories with their iPhone as needed. Use your favorite Beastgrip lenses and filters, attach your rig to a tripod or gimbal, add LED light or microphone and start creating high-quality content. Built from high-quality materials, Beastgrip Pro will become your favorite rig for iPhone 12 in no time.


Built a perfect minimalistic rig for your iPhone 12 with Beastclamp. Attach your favorite LED light or microphone, use it with CH50 handle and customize your rig to be a perfect tool for live streaming, vlogging, or get a better grip for your iPhone 12 when taking pictures or recording videos.This is a perfect rig for content creators and social media influencers. Compact Beastclamp will be your best rig when you need a smaller-sized setup.


Beastcage is a professional, dedicated photography and filmmaking cage for your iPhone 12 Series. If you want to build and fully customize your rig just how you like it Beastcage will be your best choice. Beastcage is a durable cage made with high-quality materials that will last you for years and will never fail you. Its multiple ¼ inch connection points and cold shoe mount will allow you to connect your microphone and LED light, attach it to your gimbal or tripod or add as many accessories as you want. Beastcage will allow you to use all Beastgrip lenses, filters, and optics from brands like Moment, Moondog Labs, Sandmarc, and other lenses and Beastgrip DOF Adapter. Start creating great content and build your rig the way you like it.

Lenses and filters

Take your iPhone photography and filmmaking to the next level with Beastgrips Pro Series lenses and filters. Create unmatched quality images and videos and use your iPhone 12 cameras to their maximum potential. Beastgrip makes the best quality smartphone optics on the market. Our lenses are made from high-quality glass and enclosed in machined aluminum cases. Beastgrip Pro Series 1.33X Anamorphic or 1.55X Anamorphic lenses will help you to get those Hollywood-looking shots and make your footage look like a big-screen movie. Beastgrip 0.75X Wide Angle lens will allow you to capture high-quality photos and videos. Take it with you next time you want to film landscapes and cityscapes, record interviews, or if you simply want to shoot those crisp wide-angle shots and let the results speak for themselves.

Beastgrip 1.7X Telephoto lens is a great lens for any photographer out there. Capture breathtaking portrait shots and great quality close-ups, and let this lens enhance your vision even more by producing the best possible results paired with your iPhone 12 state of the art cameras.

Using Beastgrip filters with your iPhone can add even more flavor to your shots. The Beastgrip Black Mist filter will help you reduce contrast and achieve a hazy glow in your videos and photos. Beastgrip CPL filter will improve color saturation and contrast. ND filters will help you add a motion blur to your shots and have an extra level of exposure control.

LED light and microphone

Want to add even more light to your shots and make them look even more professional Beastgrip LED smartphone and on-camera light is what you need. Completely customizable and full of cool functions, this LED light will be your best friend when extra lumens or some cool effects are a must during your next filming session. Simply attach it to your iPhone 12 smartphone rig and start creating great quality content in no time.

Beastrgip BGM50 microphone is a high quality microphone for those who want to enhance the sound quality in their videos. Paired with iPhone 12 Beastgrip BGM50 microphone will produce crystal clear recording and make your videos look even more professional. Easy to use and affordable microphone will be an excellent choice for social media content creators, mobile journalists, mobile filmmakers, or anyone looking for a great sound microphone for their smartphone.

Tripods and grips

Use Beastgrip BGS300 and BGS100 action grips when you need that extra grip and control for your action shots or during run’n’gun filming situations. Smooth handheld shots require a good grip that will allow you to hold and control your rig, and our action camera grips are a great tool for that. Beastgrip action grips will be a perfect smartphone and camera accessory for any beginner and professional filmmaker.

If you are looking for a reliable smartphone tripod for your iPhone camera rig, look no further. Beastgrip BT50 and BT100 tripods are perfect for vlogging, live-streaming, and low-angle shots. Beastgrip tripods will help you take those stable shots with your iPhone 12 cameras at all times.