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Take your phoneography to the next level

Universal and Adjustable

All new Beastgrip Pro - the world's first universal lens mount and rig system that works with any phone. Adjustable lens mount and spring loaded clamps ensure secure grip and perfect fit with virtually any phone on the market. 

compatible with your phone

Check the size and specs of your phone below (with or without protective case). We are confident it will fit perfectly!*

* See User Manual for more info

Modular design

maximum flexibility

Set it up the way you want

Looking for a simple tripod mount for your phone, or full-featured rig? Beastgrip Pro has you covered! Our patent pending modular design with removable lens mount assembly and handle allows you to adapt to any shooting scene you can imagine.



lens mount assembly

Removable lens mount assembly with standard 37mm lens/filer mount, additional grip and two 1/4"-20 threaded mounts. Compatible with a wide variety of standard conversion lenses/filters and DOF adapters. Provides an enhanced grip and includes two mounting points to attach additional accessories. Can be removed easily to accommodate a mobile clip-on lens.


Adjustable spring-loaded clamps securely hold your phone in place. Standard 1/4"-20 threaded mount allows can be used with any tripod or other support gear and the attached cold shoe mount allows you to attach an LED light or microphone. Can be used as a standalone tripod mount or in combination with a handle and lens mount assembly as complete rig. 


Ergonomic handle provides a comfortable grip for stable handheld shots. Includes two 1/4"-20 threaded mounts for attaching additional accessories. Handle can be removed from base for a more compact setup.


One device - endless possibilities...  

Be ready for anything. The Beastgrip Pro comes with industry standard photography mounts and an ergonomic grip, allowing you to attach all kinds of photography gear and take the perfect shot.


For better grip, more control and stable handheld shots.

1/4"-20 MOUNTS

Mount it on tripod, monopod, stabiliser, slider or any other support gear to get stable or fluid motion shots.


Standard cold shoe mount for attaching microphones, LED lights and other accessories.


Standard 37mm threaded lens/filter mount allows to attach wide veriety of conversion lenses, filters and DOF adapters

Never miss a shot


The FiLMiC Short Film Contest Is Back!

April 28, 2016

The Tangerine Dreams Short Film Contest is going BIG this year, with over $25,000 in prizes from Sennheiser, Zeiss, Movi, iBlazr and, you guessed it, Beastgrip.

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Interview With Ghost Digital Cinema's Ty Evans

April 26, 2016

Shortly after the release of the skateboarding short film MALTO, we talked with Ghost Digital Cinema's Ty Evans about his experience shooting the film on a smartphone, one of the hardest challenges that he has had to overcome as a filmmaker and more!

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Beastgrip Joins Mobile Journalism 'MOJO' Class in Italy to Discuss Gear

April 21, 2016

In the spirit of MoJo Con in Ireland coming up next week, we decided to show you some pictures and gear examples for getting the best out of your iPhone as a MOJO, or mobile journalist.

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Beastgrip Is Expanding to the UK!

April 13, 2016

We're proud to announce that we have teamed up with UK distributor Intro 2020 to offer our Beastgrip products locally to all of our customers in the United Kingdom and Eire! We've had many requests and huge demand to expand to more countries - we listened. 

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