Grips / Handles

Getting the best grip for your smartphone camera rig for capturing those handheld shots is much easier with Beastgrips grips and handles. Designed specifically for mobile filmmaking, Beastgrips phone camera grips are the highest-quality mobile filmmaking tools on the market.

BGS300 Camera Grip/Action Grip

Our flagship product, the Beastgrip BGS300 Camera Action Grip is designed to provide the perfect, rock-solid foundation for building your dream smartphone rig. Its ergonomic handle will increase stability and help you take those perfect low-angle action shots and improve the stability when shooting handheld in any other scenario.

The BGS300 is perfect for shooting action sports, “run and gun” filmmaking, and mobile journalism. It will help you build that perfect smartphone rig and will help you get great shots when good grip is needed. It supports both front-facing and side-facing configurations and comes with 19 ¼”-20 tripod/accessory mounts that will allow you to attach your LED lights, microphone and monitors to your rig. Based on standard 15mm rails, the BGS300 is made of durable anodized aluminum and also includes a Beastgrip cold shoe mount. Now you can confidently shoot your most adventurous shots with the best action grip for your smartphone.

Action Handle

With our universal Action Handle you can easily get the most stable shots and film in any desired angle. The Beastgrip Action Handle is designed to provide maximum comfort and stability for your Beastcage iPhone camera rig in any filming situation. Its three built-in cold shoe mounts will allow you to attach any accessory you need, including LED lights and microphones. The standard NATO rail clamp design allows you to quickly and securely attach or detach the action handle when needed. Made from a durable anodized aluminum Beastgrip Action handle will provide durability for many years to come.

Beastgrip BGS100 - Camera Grip/Action Grip

Extremely affordable action grip Beastgrip BGS100 will provide you with a great comfortable grip. It will allow you to film more stable handheld shots in any filming situation.

Beastgrip BGS100 will help you maintain a secure grip on your camera or smartphone, perfect for shooting low-angle action shots, capturing active sports, and fast-paced filmmaking.

 Handle CH-50

Beastgrip CH-50 handle is the perfect addition to Beastgrip Pro, Beastclamp and Beastcage. It is a universal and ergonomic handle that adds comfort and stability to your smartphone rig. This handle can be attached to your smartphone rig via its ¼”–20 mount on top and another ¼”–20 mount on the bottom. CH-50 handle is compatible with any rig, allowing you to switch around your gear. No matter what adventure you’re embarking on, Beastgrip has the perfect grip for you. With our line of ergonomic and secure grips, nothing will stand in your way of capturing those amazing moments!