Here's a quick recap of our latest live stream where we talked about all of our new products that we've been working on! Stay tuned on our blog for more detailed posts about each product with more photos and information.


We have the iPhone X design complete already, and we’re almost finished with the iPhone 7/8 and iPhone 7+/8+ versions as well.

We created the BeastCage for creators that want a fixed rig that is specifically designed for their phone. While our universal/adjustable Beastgrip Pro iPhone/Galaxy/Android/Pixel/etc. rig works perfectly with most phones, we’ve received valuable feedback from many different creators, like Stash Slionski, Sven Dreesbach and more about having a dedicated cage for their phone that requires no adjustment, ever. As professional DP’s have many important parts to think about in order to get the perfect shot, having one less adjustment to make or check on is a game-changer in both speed and reliability.

While a large chunk of our corporate, cutting-edge and agency customers will still use the one-size-fits-all Beastgrip Pro - since there are usually multiple phones/models that need to all be compatible and are shared with many different creators on a regular basis - the BeastCage is an ideal fit for anyone that wants a standalone solution with even more precision, durability and simplicity.


The smartphone clamp - Beastgrip-style. Durable anodized aluminum construction, rock-solid Nato rail slider, built-in cold shoe mount and accessory mounts all over it. We’re confident that it’s the most advanced smartphone clamp ever made. Perfect for minimal rigs that still allow you to build it up as needed with handles, a tripod, light, microphone… anything you want.


An extremely versatile handle that works perfectly with the BeastClamp and BeastCage. Use it as a top handle, pilot grip, upside down pilot grip single grip, and any other way you can think of.

Mini Ball Head BH-50

The strongest mini ball head that we’ve ever seen. Perfect for holding larger accessories like field monitors, LED light panels and more.

Pro Series 3X Telephoto lens

The newest addition to our Pro Series lens collection! Get three times closer to your subject and change your perspective to create a beautiful separation between your subject and background. Perfect for portraits, mobile journalism, sporting events, and any situation where you want need to focus closer on the action.

Pro Series 1.5X telephoto lens?

Another possible addition to our Pro Series lens collection! This is a perfect in-between focal length (near 50mm on most phones’ wide angle camera and 80mm on most phones’ telephoto camera) for creators that want to be slightly closer to the action without too much zoom. If this interests you, send us an email!.


The app that brings it all together. We’ve spent the last few years using all of the photography and filmmaking apps on the market, and have always found ourselves needing functionality that we couldn’t find, like better file management, more precise controls, full hardware support for things like the DOF Adapter/DOF MK2 and Anamorphic lens in both photo and video, and shareable presets. We made our own app with these features and more, and couldn't be more proud to release it soon!

June 22, 2018 — Sean Lawrence