Founded in 2012, Beastgrip, CO. is an innovative mobile photography company based out of Des Plaines, Illinois.

Our products are designed to expand the possibilities of your smartphone camera in a way that is fun and easy-to-use. Whether you want a simple solution to mount your smartphone, an exciting new lens, or a full-featured camera rig, Beastgrip will help you take your phoneography to the next level.

In 2012, founder and CEO Vadym Chalenko set out on a journey to create the world’s best universal lens adapter and camera rig for all mobile phones. After an entire year of engineering and testing, he launched a Kickstarter campaign for the original 3D-printed Beastgrip. In less than 9 days the campaign was funded and Beastgrip, CO. was born.

After carefully evaluating user feedback, he led a team to create a more durable platform with added functionality, while maintaining the natural and easy-to-use design. After more than a year of fine-tuning, it was finally ready for production. In 2015, he launched another Kickstarter campaign for the Beastgrip Pro, which funded within 24 hours and exceeded the goal by over 300%.

Since then, Beastgrip has completed another successful Kickstarter campaign (raising over $400K over the three campaigns) and has continued to elevate mobile photography/videography with new adapters and lenses. 

Note: the Beastgrip Pro is proudly designed and completely assembled by hand at our local office in Des Plaines, Illinois.