"We're extremely excited to showcase our new products at CES 2017. We've spent a long time designing them and we couldn't be more proud of the results. Each year, smartphone cameras and gear improve exponentially and the line that separates them from a "professional" camera continues to fade. This year is no different."

-Vadym Chalenko, CEO

This year's CES is a big deal for us. After countless hours of creating new product developments and testing this past year, we're ready to premiere our prototypes to the world! We truly believe that this gear will open up a whole new world of possibilities for smartphone photographers and filmmakers around the globe. We're preparing to launch a Kickstarter campaign this Spring and expect to have these products launched in Q3 2017.

Our original DOF Adapter has been a monumental advancement in phoneography. Since we released it on our last Kickstarter campaign, professional filmmakers have been pushing it to it's fullest potential with films like "MALTO," "No Love Like Yours," "Wasfia," and "Of Land and Sea." We couldn't be happier to be a part of these projects, but we knew that the DOF Adapter could be - and should be - better, so that creators of any skill level can harness its power in their workflow. Introducing the all-new, patent-pending Beastgrip DOF Adapter Mk ll.

DOF Adapter Mk ll

Beastgrip DOF mk2 pro series depth of field 35mm adapter


What's new?

We rebuilt the entire design from scratch and were able to dramatically improve the image quality and provide a simple, user-friendly experience unlike any other DOF Adapter in the world.

To start things off, we used advanced, custom optical elements to increase the image quality, by practically eliminating vignetting/hotspotting, chromatic aberration and distortion. This also means that a much wider range of full-frame SLR/DSLR lenses, such as zoom lenses, are compatible with the DOF Adapter.* We then sealed off the focusing screen to eliminate any chance of user error or damage to it. Finally, we encased everything in a durable, black anodized aluminum shell with a rotating barrel that allows you to align the focusing screen and bayonet mount in one simple motion.

*Due to the nature and technology of DOF Adapters, we still highly recommend using fast lenses (f1.2 - f2.8) for the best image quality.


Beastgrip DOF mk2 Depth of field adapter for iPhone

Beastgrip DOF MK2 adapter

Beastgrip DOF MK2 adapter filming with iPhone



The BeastRail is the #1 solution for using heavy SLR/DSLR lenses with your DOF Adapter. By adding this durable lens support you'll experience smoother shots, increased stability and the ability to add a follow focus for the ultimate focus control with your lens. It's fully adjustable design is also compatible with the Beastgrip DOF Adapter and DOF Adapter Mk ll .**

**Please ensure that your phone and SLR/DSLR lens are also compatible with the Beastgrip Pro and DOF Adapter.

Beastgrip DOF MK2 support rail system


Pro Series Lens Collection

We introduced our first Wide Angle and Fisheye lenses to fulfill the large demand for mobile lenses and add more options to expand your creativity. Since then, smartphone camera resolution and quality has improved tremendously and professional quality lenses are needed now more than ever. To take full advantage of this amazing smartphone camera technology, we created the Beastgrip Pro Series Lens Collection.

Each lens in this series is crafted to meet the demand of high resolution smartphone cameras with 4K video capabilities and to deliver an uncompromising image quality. They're some of the most advanced mobile lenses in the world, with minimal distortion/chromatic aberration and a sharpness that you have to see to believe. All of these lenses also include a 58mm threaded lens mount for adding filters, such as UV, polarizers, ND, etc. and a durable, black anodized aluminum casing. As a follow up to our first lens in this series, the Beastgrip x Kenko 0.75X Wide Angle, we're presenting the newest additions to the collection:


1.33X Anamorphic

This lens creates a dramatic widescreen 2.4:1 aspect ratio for video (or 16:9 aspect ratio for still images) and adds distinctive, Hollywood-style lens flares.*

Beastgrip Pro Series 1.3x Anamorphic lens


0.6X Wide Angle

This lens makes your image much wider, and is perfect for shooting in small spaces, capturing landscapes and when you want a wider shot than our Beastgrip x Kenko 0.75X Wide Angle lens.***

Beastgrip Pro Series 0.6x wide angle lens


3X Telephoto Lens

Get 3X closer to your subject and completely change the perspective of your image to create natural-looking portraits and add a subtle depth-of-field effect to your image. Using the iPhone 7 Plus as an example, this lens gives an 84mm equivalent focal length with the iPhone's primary wide angle camera and a 168mm equivalent with its telephoto camera.***

Beastgrip Pro series 3x telephoto lens

***The precise optics in these lenses need to be positioned near and aligned perfectly with your phone camera to work properly. We have successfully tested these lenses with all iPhones - we will post information about their compatibility with other phones soon.


20X Telephoto Lens

This lens is currently under development. We will post more information and photos as soon as we have it available.



Why use external lenses?

Choosing the "best" focal length is one of the most important aspects of creating a beautiful image or video. Even with the dual camera system that was added to the iPhone 7 Plus, you're still limited to using only two different focal length options. Having external lenses gives you the ability to change the focal length of your smartphone camera and dramatically alter your image to look the way that you want it to. Check out how using different lenses changes the image in the example below.

We used the following lenses on an iPhone 7 Plus, mounted on a stationary tripod and shot from the same distance:

  • Pro Series 0.6X Wide Angle
  • Pro Series 1.33X Anamorphic
  • Beastgrip x Kenko Pro Series 0.75X Wide Angle
  • Main (wide angle) camera on iPhone 7 Plus, without an external lens
  • Pro Series 3x Telephoto on main (wide angle) iPhone 7 Plus camera
  • Pro Series 3x Telephoto on iPhone 7 Plus telephoto camera
  • DOF Adapter Mk ll with 200mm SLR lens 


Perspective GIF for Beastgrip Pro Series lenses


Changing the perspective

Each of these lenses are not just created to make your image "wider" or with more "zoom," but to also change the perspective. In the example below, we used different lenses to frame our subject the same way to show how different focal lengths alter the perspective and appearance of the image. 

We used the following lenses with the main (wide angle) camera on the iPhone 7 Plus and framed each shot to look the same:

  • DOF Adapter Mk ll with 200mm SLR lens
  • DOF Adapter Mk ll with 85mm DSLR lens
  • Pro Series 3X Telephoto
  • iPhone 7 Plus, without an external lens
  • Beastgrip x Kenko Pro Series 0.75X Wide Angle
  • Pro Series 0.6X Wide Angle


Perspective GIF for Beastgrip Pro Series Lenses


We would love to meet each and and every one of you - visit us at booth #51256 in the Eureka Park Startup Area. We'll post more information about these exciting new products very soon - stay tuned! We appreciate your patience and as always, look forward to hearing from you!

P.s. Please allow up to 24 hours for a response from our support team during January 5 - 8.


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January 02, 2017 — Sean Lawrence
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