The Reef by Sven Dreesbach #shotoniphone

Another beautiful film has been released which shows the degree and lengths to what devoted people will do in order to help the world we live in. “The Reef” was directed by Sven Dreesbach and shot by, with the help of Carlos Vargas exclusively on the iPhone XS and commissioned by Apple. The field team of MWSRP observes and periodically checks the progress and quality of the demographics and movement of different marine species such as whale sharks. By training themselves in the art of Free Diving they are not shackled by the restraint of heavy tanks and bodysuits which provides them with swift move ability while filming these gentle giants or other marine life.

The Maldives Whales Shark Research Programme (MWSRP) is an organization set up to provide help and raise money for marine wildlife research and encourages to promote community-focused conservation initiatives in the Maldives.

We here at Beastgrip admire how amazing this video came out and are proud to have been apart of the project. With the careful and talented eye of the Cinematography Directors Sven Dreesbach and Carlos Vargas it is truly mesmerizing as to how the Beastgrip Pro incorporated with the Pro Series 3X Tele Conversion Lens and 0.75X Wide Angle Lens as well as the DOF MK2 Adapter captured the crisp yet vibrant footage around the island’s waters. For underwater shots the team used the AxisGo Water housing. Both the native camera app and FiLMiC Pro were used to shoot the whole project.

This is not the first #shotoniphone project by Sven, check out a few more examples of his incredible work below:

Robot Koch feat. Delhia de France 'Dark Waves' (official video) from Sven D. on Vimeo.

This Moment from Sven D. on Vimeo.

Willow Creek from Sven D. on Vimeo.

Happy Shooting!

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