"The Most Beautiful Years of a Life" film by Claude Lelouch

Back in Oct 22nd, 2018 Tim Cook posted a photo on his Twitter account giving us a glimpse on an upcoming #shotoniphone film by legendary Claude Lelouch

Recently, Academy Award-winning director Claude Lelouch showcased his latest movie at the world’s premier film festival in Cannes, “The Best Years of a Life” is Lelouch’s new film which was partly shot using an iPhone. The Director of Photography, Maxime Heraud, who worked with Lelouch a lot explains the versatility in creating footage without a $100,00 rig. He states “It’s so small and light you can put the camera everywhere, it can move fast. It’s like a painter discovering a new color. This is a new color.”

Heraud created a professional rig while incorporating the Beastgrip Pro where the iPhone sits, a gimbal to achieve smooth shots and motorized variable ND filter which helped to control exposure when transitioning from darker areas to brighter outdoor lighting.


 Alongside the team used the FiLMiCPro app for better camera controls. In the end, it creates an extremely cost-effective rig. Lelouch later concludes as to why he loves using the iPhone as his movie camera saying, “The importance is the emotion you capture, and that is easier to capture with an iPhone than anything else.”

The Most Beautiful Years of a Life by Claude Lelouch beastgrip iphone film

The Most Beautiful Years of a Life by Claude Lelouch beastgrip iphone film

You can check the official trailer below.  

Maxime Heraud (DoP) also mentioned that Lelouch is already planning another film which will be shot completely on the iPhone. 

We here at Beastgrip are extremely proud that such a renowned film director as Claude Lelouch chose our gear to help create his film “The Best Years of a Life”. All of which it is amazing to be a part of what he thinks should be used while incorporating this technology into the growing future. With such talented directors like Lelouch, it is encouraging to witness how the professionalism that is brought into the process can be replicated by young minds who wish to follow in such big steps. We will always be looking forward to anything that Lelouch has coming up and only hope he involves us further in his process and work.

Source: Forbes and BFMTV articles 

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