Netflix releases Trailer of Steven Soderbergh new film “High Flying Bird” once again shot entirely with an iPhone. In the upcoming movie actor Andre Holland stars as a sports agent who has to find a way to sell a questionable and argumentative business opportunity to a rookie basketball player while the NBA is in a lockout. The movie is scheduled to be released on NetFlix February 8th 2019. We can't wait to see it!


This is the second film entirely shot on an iPhone by Steven Soderbergh. During his first attempt while filming “Unsane” and utilizing the Beastgrip Pro alongside his iPhone kept the production process simple while not having to worry about heavy equipment, lighting tasks and any other troublesome elements you would get from a production set, which in turn meant filmmakers could get through their scenes and shots a lot more effortlessly. He states he knew at some point he would make a movie with this technology because he looked at it as the future of filmmaking.

With technology growing rapidly day by day our phones are becoming more and more capable of performing professional tasks without the hassle of expensive production sets. We hope to see a new wave of young directors, filmmakers, photographers, mobile journalists etc. to embrace #phoneogrpahy more and more in near future!


Happy Shooting!

January 18, 2019 — Vadym Chalenko
Tags: Filmmaking