Photo taken from the Apple Music page



Today Apple released BRONCHO’s music video Big City Boys (Shot on iPhone) on Apple Music directed by Richard Farmer 

On the Apple Instagram account stories, you also can see some behind the scenes footage, and we are stoked to see our gear was used in this project.

You can definitely tell that a lot of footage has shallow depth of field with an incredible cinematic film look, which was achieved by using our DOF MK2 adapters with SLR/DSLR/Cinema lenses. On BTS videos you will see some setups with iPhones used with Beastgrip Pro, DOF MK2 adapter and Beastrail mounted on the shoulder rig, slider, gimbal and tripod. The final result is an incredible music video with a cinematic look!

This is another great example of the camera capabilities packed in the iPhone and what can be achieved in the hands of talented creators! And we at Beastgrip can not be more proud to be a part of the #phoneography movement.

December 06, 2018 — Vadym Chalenko
Tags: Filmmaking