Dear Beastgrip family, today we are happy to announce the release of the three new products that are going to bring even more excitement to your use of smartphones combined with a Beastgrip gear. NEW Beastgrip Pro Series 2X Telephoto Lens, Black Mist Filters and updated Pro Series Variable ND Filter.

With today's smartphones coming out with better and better camera systems many people ask the same question: “Do I really need to buy an external lens or am I ok using my smartphone as it is?”

Truth is that all new smartphones on the market are packed with multiple cameras but… the best one is still your main phone camera as it comes with the best optics, biggest sensor, produces best image quality and performs the best in low light settings.

Even if you enjoy taking pictures using only your smartphone and you get decent results, why stop there if you could combine your phone’s camera with good quality, easy to use external lens and get more creative, get better and different results that will make your pictures and videos stand out from the crowd even more.

Phoneography is art and we are here to help you to take it to the next level…

Pro Series 2X Telephoto Lens

Our new 2X Telephoto lens has 2x optical zoom and will give you about 52mm focal length equivalent when using it with your iPhone main 26mm camera.

But the biggest benefit of using this lens is that it will help you achieve an awesome shallow depth of field effect and Bokeh when you are shooting close up shots. It changes the focal length of the camera which means it changes the look and perspective of your photos and videos giving it that natural look, a result similar to what the human eye can see.

This lens also adds more characteristics to your image such as flares when you are shooting against the sun or any other light source. It also will help you achieve that “vintage” effect and your videos will not have that typical smartphone camera look.

When you combine a telecamera on your phone with our Beastgrip 2X Telephoto Lens you will get an even tighter perspective but keep in mind it has limited focus range (about 1-10 feet) and you will not be able to focus in infinity. However because of its tight perspective and ability to shoot close ups it gives you more creative choices and is just another way to enhance your content.

The lens enclosure is made of machined aluminum. It has a 58mm filter mount that will let you add filters if desired and will give you more options to achieve different looks in your images. Our Beastgrip 2X Telephoto Lens has a 37mm mount and is fully compatible with our universal BeastGrip Pro and dedicated BeastCages for iPhone. It’s one of the must have lenses in your camera bag.

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Pro Series Black Mist Filters

And now let’s talk about our newly released Pro-series Black Mist Filters.

It’s a series of new diffuser filters that will be a great addition for someone who tries to bring that less edgy, more soft, cinematic look to their videos and stills. Nowadays most modern digital cameras produce an over-sharpened edgy look which is something you do not want if you are trying to achieve a movie-like vintage Hollywood effect in your videos and images.

Our new Black Mist filters will help you remove the unwanted digital edge and more. Think how many times you saw the final result of someone’s work and noticed how sharp, crisp and almost harsh that video is, a little bit of softer, maybe even hazy effect could’ve made a drastic difference and that’s when these filters come to work. When used with your camera or smartphone it will give your crisp lens more retro, vintage characteristics and right away you will notice how it reduces the contrast and creates a glowing and soft hazy effect around bright objects. These filters are perfect for shooting at any environment as they scatter the light, soften it, and make the shadows look much less edgy.

Making your images feel softer, the Black Mist Filters almost create a feeling that something is further away and gives a romantic and old-time touch to your shots.

When working with a talent almost every modern lens will give extreme definition of facial skin pores but after you combine it with one of our filters you will notice how smooth and almost wrinkle free skin looks on a screen. Pretty awesome right? But that's not all, we created two different filters that you can use depending on how strong of an effect you desire to achieve.

Version 0.5 and 1.0 are two different types of the same filter. That way you have more room to choose as our 0.5 filter gives a more subtle look to your picture and if you want a stronger effect you can use the 1.0 filter instead. It's always recommended to have both versions as shooting in different environments might require a softer or a stronger effect. And remember no software and post-production can recreate the same result like with these filters.

If you’re after a more cinematic, more vintage Hollywood looking videos and stills give our new Black Mist filters a try and give us your feedback. Let's create art!

Our Black Mist filters are made in Japan by Kenko Tokina. Manufactured with a highest quality optical glass infused with black diffusion particles and an aluminum frame. It has 58mm thread and is compatible with our Pro-series lenses or any other lens with 58mm mount. You can attach them directly to our Beastgrip or Beastcage using our adapter mount.

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Pro Series VND Filter

And the last but not least is our newly updated Pro Series Variable ND Filter. This new update brings some positive changes to our older version of this filter.

We updated the mechanical design and now it uses a bigger front glass element on a wider frame so it dramatically reduces the chance of mechanical vignette when you use this filter on top of your lens. Our new VND filter is even more versatile and now can be used with a wider variety of lenses.

The Beastgrip Pro Series VND filters are built in Japan by Kenko Tokina using the highest quality optical glass and aluminum for cinematic, professional-grade photos and videos.

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July 28, 2021 — Oleg Gavronski