Another big project from Apple and another great movie to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

“The Comeback” was written and directed by Zhang Meng tells us a story of an injured stunt double who comes back to his little village in China and works with his dad on making their dream come true, their film about Mars.

For the last couple of years Apple has been consistently using Beastgrip gear for their big projects and we are happy to see that they find it practical and useful on their filming set.  

This new short film was shot on iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max and we are happy to see movies like “The Comeback” that show us all the features and strengths of mobile filmmaking.

They showcased us the true capability of the new iPhone camera system by utilizing all three cameras. Gorgeous scenery shots, nice portraits and extreme close up shots all this is possible to achieve by using the latest iPhones Pro series.

We can also see the new Cinematic Mode being used in this film. The combination of different styles of shots plus Cinematic Mode which allows you to achieve a shallow depth of field makes this short film look like a big screen movie. Great image quality even though a lot of scenes were filmed in low light, scenes with high dynamic range, all this shows how far Apple went to improve their iPhone camera system.


By watching behind the scenes video on Apple’s Youtube channel you will see that besides iPhones they have used a lot of supportive gear. A perfect mix of handheld and gimbal shots makes this movie a visual eye candy. The creative process of the team behind this movie leaves us speechless. Their approach to setting the scene and utilizing simple objects like kitchen wok or taping the phone to a piece of wooden brick and other simple but at the same time genius techniques prove that even beginner mobile filmmakers can achieve great results by simply using an iPhone and their imagination.

Beastgrip Gear

They used our Beastgrip Pro for stability and extra support while filming handheld. As you can see a lot of shots were filmed by using an iPhone and Beastgrip Pro only. Apple as well as a lot of others in the mobile filmmaking industry are choosing Beastgrip Pro for a wide variety of reasons. Its ergonomics and the way it was built makes it the most efficient, advanced and easy to use phone rig on the market.

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They also used our Beastgrip BGS300 camera grip. It helped them build their rig with a monitor, extra battery pack and lots of other gear they needed for this project. A lot of action shots and long filming days require a sturdy rig that can hold extra equipment and BGS300 does this job very well.

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We are beyond grateful and happy that more directors and big companies are moving forward and making big steps into mobile filmmaking. Also we are very excited that our gear serves them well and is their first choice while working on these projects.

January 22, 2022 — Oleg Gavronski