Beastgrip Holiday Gift Buying Guide for Mobile Filmmaking and Photography

The holiday season is here, and as a tradition, we are hosting the Holidays Sale Event with 15% off on all gear in our store! Whether you're an experienced mobile filmmaker or just stepping into the world of creative storytelling, here at Beastgrip, we have all the tools you need for this journey. We have prepared a Holiday Gift Buying Guide for anyone wanting to explore new horizons and start their filmmaking journey equipped with the best filmmaking and photography gear for smartphones.

The landscape of mobile filmmaking is evolving, reaching new heights, especially with features like ProRes Apple LOG now available on iPhones 15 Pro Series, opening new possibilities and breaking limits of what was known. Our company aims to make high-quality gear that will help you push these boundaries even more and still be reliable, highly functional, and look and feel great in your hands. Our rigs and lenses are made from the highest quality materials and are designed to give you the ultimate filming experience and the best results. You can find all the gear that fits your needs and expectations on our website.

Pick your perfect smartphone camera rig

The rig is the core and foundation of your filmmaking setup, allowing you to add lenses, filters, and add accessories to your recording setup. Whether you're into family portrait photography, travel, vlogging, or cinematic storytelling, we have the perfect rig for you. Explore our website's range of rigs to help you build the setup that suits your creative vision. Pick from the universal rig Beastgrip Pro, which fits any smartphone on the market, a dedicated Beastcage for iPhone, or a Beastclamp rig for a truly minimalistic setup.


Beastgrip Pro - universal rig


Beastcage for iPhone


Beastclamp - universal clamp

Expand your creativity with Beastgrip lenses

Consider incorporating Beastgrip’s Pro Series lenses into your gear arsenal to elevate your creative pursuits.

Beastgrip Pro Series 1.7X Telephoto Lens

Whether you're enthusiastic about family portrait photography, looking to enhance nature shots with added depth, or aiming to capture the magic of the holiday season from a new perspective, our Pro Series 1.7X Telephoto lens is the perfect choice.


Pro Series 1.7X Telephoto Lens

Beastgrip Pro Series 0.75X Wide Angle Lens

Love exploring the world and capturing breathtaking wide angle shots? The Beastgrip Pro Series 0.75X Wide Angle Lens is your ideal companion! Elevate your content with high-quality wide angle shots, perfect for showcasing architecture, cityscapes, landscapes and capturing those memorable holiday moments.


Pro Series 0.75X Wide Angle Lens

Beastgrip Pro Series Anamorphic Lenses

For those seeking to capture cinematic Hollywood movie-style shots, our Pro Series 1.33X and 1.55X Anamorphic Lenses would be perfect tools. With wide aspect ratios and beautiful horizontal flares, these lenses are ideal for unleashing your creativity during this holiday season.


Pro Series 1.33X Anamorphic Lens MK2


Pro Series 1.55X Anamorphic Lens MK2

Beastgrip Pro Series Macro Lens

Unlock the world of macro photography and the beauty of intricate details in every shot this holiday season. This lens will transform your holiday shots into macro masterpieces, delivering unparalleled quality and great results.


Pro Series Macro Lens | Extended focus range

Beastgrip DOF Adapter MK3

And for the hardcore fans of smartphone filmmaking, the DOF Adapter MK3 is now available for preorder on our website. We've successfully wrapped up the Kickstarter campaign and are working on the next production steps. Secure your pre-order today to bring new life to your old SLR lenses and elevate your smartphone filmmaking experience to a new height.


DOF Adapter MK3

Lens Bundles

Also, take advantage of our exclusive Lens Bundles featuring Beastgrip Pro and Beastcages, offering unbeatable prices for a complete gear setup.


Explore our range of accessories, including grips, filters, tripods, microphones, and bags – everything you need to complete your holiday smartphone filmmaking setup. Build the ultimate rig that aligns perfectly with your unique style, elevate every shot, and bring your vision to life like never before.

Beastcam App for iPhone

And our Beastcam app for iPhone, packed with advanced features to unlock the full capabilities of your smartphone. All for just 99 cents during this holiday season!

Happy Holidays and Happy Shopping!

This holiday season, gift mobile filmmaking magic with Beastgrip gear. Whether you're shopping for a loved one or treating yourself, explore our website for the best deals and gear that will transform your smartphone storytelling experience.

We wish you a joyous holiday season and happy shopping!

- Beastgrip Team


December 12, 2023 — Oleg Gavronski