We would like to thank everyone that came out to the PhotoPlus International Conference and Expo in NYC this year from October 21st - 24th. We had a great time meeting everyone at our booth with Conceptor, the creator of the iBlazr flashes. After much anticipation, we finally had the chance to test out the new iBlazr 2 wireless LED flash. It’s a really nice flash and easily mounts to the Beastgrip Pro or smartphone with the clip mount they include in the box or with a cold shoe mount.

It was great meeting with our fellow phoneographers Tristan Pope, Scott Cahall and Julie Gerstenberger from Moondog Labs - the maker of the lens used on the hit movie Tangerine - and George Spyros from Filmakr, who gave us a quick demonstration of his stunning phoneography app by shooting/editing a quick video with us on the iPhone 6 Plus (see below):  

Beastgrip Demo PhotoPlus Expo 2015 from Filmakr on Vimeo.


After speaking with Moondog Labs on their new 37mm Anamorphic Lens, we concluded that it is not currently compatible with the Beastgrip Pro - it works, but there is too much distance from the phone camera and lens when mounted on the Beastgrip Pro to get an optimal result. Hopefully in the future they will have a model that will be fully compatible with the Beastgrip Pro.

We had a nice time meeting with Lomography and sharing our products with each other - their  Petzval Lens is a lot of fun to use. We paired their lens with our DOF adapter and an iPhone 6 Plus and they worked great together. Fun fact: Moondog labs, iBlazr, the Petzval lens and Beastgrip were all launched from successful Kickstarter campaigns. It’s amazing to see all of these great products progress from the same platform.

We received great feedback on our new upgrades/accessory samples for the Beastgrip Pro; a cold shoe mount and vertical (portrait) mount, both of which will be made with a durable machined aluminum and beautiful anodized finish. These are going to be great for live streaming on apps like Periscope and Meerkat. Stay tuned for more information!


We would also like to thank OutPost  for welcoming us to NYC with great hospitality, it was a pleasure staying with them in such a nice facility and to experience their amazing service.

November 03, 2015 — Sean Lawrence
Tags: News