The Beastgrip DOF adapter allows you to use some SLR lenses with your camera phone to achieve a shallow depth of field, similar to a DSLR camera. Please note: Using a DOF adapter is not simply "point and shoot" capable; it takes time and practice to achieve the desired effect. Beastgrip DOF adapters are designed and built to achieve the best possible results.

The Beastgrip DOF adapter is made of a tube with an SLR mount ring (Canon EF mount) on one side and a set of macro lenses on the other. Inside of the tube is a focusing screen mounted on a focusing screen holder. The SLR lens projects the image onto the focusing screen, allowing the camera phone to frame the intermediate screen by focusing in macro mode. The principle is similar to pointing a camera at a movie screen. The phone camera's only responsibility at this point is to record what is being projected onto the focusing screen. Additional information on DOF adapters and how they work can be found on wikipedia.

Focusing screen (ground glass) holder

The Beastgrip DOF adapter has a modular focusing screen holder. It comes with a Canon focusing screen, which is very sensitive and can be damaged easily! Never touch the screen directly, and only use a cleaning dust blower (provided) to remove dust from it. If the focusing screen is damaged at any time, it can be replaced easily-no special tools are required.

Recommended slr lenses & apps

Fast speed SLR lenses (f0.95-f2.8 aperture) are recommended for use with the DOF adapter for the best results. The faster the lens, the less noise and vignetting your DOF adapter will have. Canon lenses with an EF mount can be mounted directly to the Beastgrip DOF adapter-other SLR lenses can be used with adapter rings (not included).

Please note: In order to work with our DOF adapter, your SLR lens will have to have a mechanical manual focus control ring. Canon STM lenses are not compatible with DOF adapter!

The Beastgrip DOF adapter is compatible with any phone. Please note: Digital zoom or cropping is required to frame the focusing screen properly in the shot. Results may vary on different phone models. The DOF adapter flips the image upside down; however, FiLMiC Pro, FilmakrMAVIS, Pro CameraGuerrilla Filmmaker, Camera 645 Pro MK 3Ultrakam, and MoviePro apps (iOS) provide the option to flip the image for proper orientation when the DOF adapter is used. For Android users we recommend FiLMiC Pro for android and Open Camera app. Windows phone users will have to accommodate the flipped image as no apps are available to fix this issue at this time. We are working on our BeastCam app that will include a "flip-the-view" option optimized for DOF adapters in both photo and video modes. Release date for BeastCam is not yet available.

Setting up DOF adapter

Attach SLR lens

Attach the SLR lens to the bayonet mount of the DOF adapter. The Beastgrip DOF adapter includes a Canon EF mount (EOS mount). Other SLR lenses can be used with the proper adapter rings. Please note: Adapter rings are not included.

Attach 37-52 mm Step Ring and +10 Close-up Filter

The Beastgrip DOF adapter comes preinstalled with 10X 52mm Macro Lens. First of all you have to attach 37-52 mm step up ring, next you attach 37mm +10 Close-Up Filter, make sure to tighten each piece together. This macro lens combination works with most phones. If your phone is unable to focus properly on the focusing screen, attach an additional 37mm spacer ring.

Attach DOF Adapter to Beastgrip Pro

Mount your phone onto the Beastgrip Pro and align the lens mount position with your phone's camera module. Then attach the DOF adapter to the lens mount.

Make sure you do not overtighten when installing it to the lens mount! When too much torque is applied, there is a greater chance of getting the +10 macro filter stuck to the lens mount, which is extremely difficult to remove.

Adjust focusing screen position

Unscrew ring #3 and remove it to access the focusing screen holder. Release ring #1, allowing you to rotate the focusing screen holder, then align it as shown on the image. Tighten ring #1. Before continuing, make sure there is no dust on the focusing screen. If needed, use the dust cleaning blower (provided) to clean the focusing screen thoroughly. Finally, attach ring #3 with the SLR lens.

Launch camera app

When the camera app is launched you will notice that your image is upside down. There are some apps available that can flip your image when the DOF adapter is used (see above for more information). As you begin, you will need to lock the focus on the focusing screen, then you will be able to control the focus of the projected image with the SLR lens.


The DOF adapter allows you to achieve a shallow depth of field, but at the same time it's decreases quality of photos and videos taken with it. There is an inherent loss of light that comes with attaching the adapter to the front of the camera.

Using any one of these adapters requires adequate lighting in the scene being shot. These adapters suffer greater image degradation from low-light situations, because the texture on the focusing screen becomes more noticeable. The camera phone used in conjunction with the adapter must focus on the focusing screen inside the adapter, which is used as a projection surface. As a result, the camera also picks up the pits, texture, dimples and/or specks of focusing screen that give it its translucent properties. Vignetting, barrel distortion and chromatic aberration are also problems that are difficult to fix. Image orientation can also be an issue. The adapter, like any other lens, flips the image upside-down.