Each Beastcage model is designed for specific iPhone model/s. The general functionality and features of each cage is the same and applies for every Beastcage model. 


Mounting your iPhone

1) Press lock to release cover, open slightly and slide out to remove.


2) Place your iPhone in the cage.


3) Re-attach and close the cover, then press firmly to lock.


Lens mount 

The Beastcage includes two interchangeable lens mount plates:

  • Standardized 37mm lens mount (pre-installed) A
  • M Series™ bayonet lens mount B


Use the included hex key to swap the lens mount plate.

ATTENTION: to avoid stripping or damaging the threads, DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN the screws.


The 37mm lens mount plate on all Beastcage models designed for dual camera iPhones can be rotated to align with the wide or tele camera on your iPhone.


Mounting Action Handles

Each Beastcage™ model has a custom designed mounting interface for attaching  handles to expand the capabilities and performance of your rig.


Additional action handle can be added to the top of the cage with 90mm NATO rail.


The modular nature of the Beastcage allows you to set up your rig to fit your specific needs depending on the shooting scenario.

 Action handle and mounting bracket/NATO rail sold separately.