With all of the hype around vertical shooting with apps like Snapchat, Instagram Stories and Facebook Live, we've been getting tons and tons of emails about adding this feature to the Beastgrip Pro. Without further ado, we would now like to introduce the Vertical/Portrait Mount:

The Beastgrip Vertical/Portrait Mount allows you to mount your Beastgrip Pro to all types of support gear, such as a tripod or monopod, in vertical/portrait mode. You’ll even notice that it gives your Beastgrip Pro more grip when shooting in horizontal/landscape mode!

It's perfect for live streaming with apps like Facebook Live or Periscope and with apps that utilize vertical shooting, like Snapchat.

Also works great for smooth panorama shots when mounting it on a tripod with fluid pan capabilities.

It's custom designed to fit perfectly with the Beastgrip Pro, allowing complete access to all headphone and charging ports. And lastly, it's crafted with a durable machined aluminum and beautiful anodized black finish.

Beastgrip Vertical Horizontal Mount for Live Streaming on Facebook Live Periscope and Live.me

 Available now here. 



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October 24, 2016 — Sean Lawrence
Tags: News