“Technology has always been paramount in my life and I still love how much we underestimate the power we can literally hold in our hands… to have the ability to hone my photography skills and create professional camera-quality images with a phone is next level for me.” - Quote from Quincy Brown, according to Essence

Quincy is an extremely talented actor on the hit show Star and R&B artist. He recently released a new music video for his single “Snuggle Up,” shot by Director Luis Guanzon of BEMOREMEDIA entirely on a Google Pixel smartphone. Various behind the scenes shots show the Google Pixel held inside of a Beastgrip Pro smartphone camera rig on a tripod without any lenses or additional accessories.

Check out the behind the scenes video below:

According to Quincy, he was inspired heavily by the recent John Legend music video for his single “A Good Night,” also shot on a Google Pixel and the Beastgrip Pro.

“Ever since I saw John Legend capture his video using the Google Pixel, I was honored that I would have the same opportunity to use Pixel to film my official video. I wanted to make sure that it had the same vibe and was the highest quality for my fans" - Quote from Quincy Brown, according to Essence

Check out the official music video below:

And some extra behind the scenes shots taken from the behind the scenes video above and Quincy’s official Instagram account:

Luis Guanzon showing Quincy the "Snuggle Up" music video on the Google Pixel and Beastgrip Pro

We’re also in contact with Director Luis Guanzon, and will have an interview with him up very soon as well with more details about how these awesome videos were shot! Stay tuned BG

August 02, 2018 — Sean Lawrence
Tags: Filmmaking