New Beastclamp - Universal Smartphone Clamp

If you’re looking for a convenient and steady way to hold your phone secure while filming your content or taking pictures, a clamp that holds your smartphone might be just what you need. Smartphone clamps are designed to securely attach your phone to a variety of different accessories like tripods or handles and will allow you to have even better control when filming your content, doing live streams, and vlogging, plus give the ability to build your minimalistic smartphone rig. The smartphone clamp still allows you to easily access your phone's screen when needed and also prevents it from slipping out of your hands while you’re filming on the go.

As some of you might know, Beastclamp is one of the best smartphone clamps on the market, but we decided to take it to the next level and released a brand new redesigned version that provides even more security and will shortly become an irreplaceable accessory for those who want to build a simple rig with their smartphone.

New design

New Beastclamp is much lighter and even more compact. With this new design, we were able to reduce the weight of the clamp but still make it extremely durable. The body of the new Beastclamp is made from solid machined aluminum, which makes it extremely tuff.

One of the biggest improvements in the new design is updated and redesigned silicone pads. New pads will grip your smartphone and will always hold it in place without any possibility of it slipping out. They are extremely grippy and will hold your smartphone even during those extreme shooting situations.

Another big improvement is the new Beastclamp comes spring-loaded. Now it's even easier than before to put your smartphone inside the clamp, plus it gives you the ability to use your smartphone without a protective case. It also adds an extra level of security to your rig as the spring design grips your phone with great pressure and it makes it impossible to move once inside the clamp.

New Beastclamp also comes with a built-in cold shoe mount that will allow you to add a microphone or your favorite LED light when needed. It is extremely important for those who want to make the highest quality content with their smartphone and need great lighting and high-quality sound in their videos. You also have multiple ¼ inch mounts for your tripod, handle, or other accessories.

Beastclamp options

Another great news is New Beastclamp comes in a few different configurations, and everyone will be able to find the right match for their needs.

Beastclamp (SKU: BGR181-CP)

If you are looking for a simple solution for a better grip, want to be able to add your favorite accessories, and need a reliable tripod mount for your smartphone, Beastclamp will be your best choice. It is compact and easy to use and will allow you to build that minimalistic setup in less than a minute.


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Beastclamp Plus (SKU: BGR182-CP)

The second option is Beastclamp Plus which includes CH-50 detachable handle. This setup gives you even more grip and control when filming your content. Easily attach the Beastgrip CH-50 handle to the base of the new Beastclamp, add any accessory you like, and start filming. Here you have a perfect minimalistic rig for vlogging, recording videos on the go, or live streaming.

Beastclamp Pus

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Beastclamp Rig (SKU: BGR182-CP)

And the last is our Beastclamp Rig. More grip and even control over your filming process. With additional handles and an extra cold shoe mount, you will be able to build your perfect minimalistic rig and will be able to add even more accessories to your filming setup. This will be your ultimate setup with the new Beastclamp and will be a perfect match for someone who wants to be able to add even more accessories to their smartphone rig and have great ergonomics for hand-held filming.

Beastclamp Rig

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Social media content creators, mobile journalists, vloggers, filmmakers, fans of filming time lapses, or anyone looking for a portable and compact setup should definitely check out our new Beastclamp. No matter which configuration you decide on, you can be assured you get the best solution when it comes to phoneography with a minimalistic approach. Capture those perfect shots and take your smartphone rig with you on any adventure.

April 27, 2023 — Oleg Gavronski