We’re proud to announce that Beastgrip is teaming up with Kenko Tokina Co., Ltd. to be our official distributor in Japan! In case you live under a rock and haven't heard of them, they are large group of Japanese companies that have been around since 1957 producing products under brand names Kenko and Tokina, among others, and sell accessories like filters, Teleplus converters, extension tubes, and interchangeable DSLR lenses, respectively. 

Thanks to active marketing by Kenko Tokina, the Beastgrip brand has been widely received by Japanese users at the Inter BEE 2015 broadcast exhibition in Tokyo, Gift Show 2016 in Tokyo and the largest Asian photo and imaging exhibition in the world, CP+ 2016, held in Yokohama, at the Pacifico Exhibition Hall on February 25-28, 2016.

Video demonstration from Inter BEE 2015

Rig from CP+ 2016 

Low-angle rig from CP+ 2016

Rig from Gift Show in Tokyo 2016

On March 1st, they held an official presentation of the Beastgrip Pro to the mass media at the Kenko Tokina headquarters in Tokyo, Nakano district.

Mass Media Conference at Kenko Tokina headquarters

Since then, we've been preparing our Japanese site and packaging/store shelves, which are now ready to go. Please visit beastgrip.jp for any information about Beastgrip availability in Japan and for translated materials and explanations.

Beastgrip.jp homepage

As of March 25th, we will be available in several local Japanese retailers, including Yodobashi CameraBic Camera, the Kenko Tokina Net Shop and Retail/Service Shop and Amazon Japan – pre-orders available now on their websites. In addition, we are developing extremely high quality lenses with their expertise that we believe will be the best in the world for phoneography (see teaser below).

Shoulder rig from CP+2016 and high quality lens teaser drawings (found next to Beastgrip lenses)


 In addition to this massive expansion, we are almost ready to release our newest line of add-on products for the Beastgrip Pro, including custom mounts, microphones, tripods and handles. Stay tuned!  


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March 24, 2016 — Sean Lawrence
Tags: News