We've seen some very cool Beastgrip setups from our users that were used in number of different projects. This one is probably the craziest one yet!

Rexinema Productions and Sheryl Sheinafia are working together on an upcoming feature film shot entirely on Galaxy Note 4 smartphones.  The movie team used our original 3D printed Beastgrip rigs combined with some really cool gear to produce the entire movie. On the photos below that were posted on the @rexinemaprod and @Samsung_ID  twitter accounts, we can see Note 4 phones mounted on Beastgrip and combined with custom made vibrating DOF adapters, cinema lenses, stabilizers systems, sliders, etc.

We're thrilled that our product was used to make this film and we can’t wait to see it. It's exciting to see how phoneography is developing all around the world. All of us here at Beastgrip are extremely proud to be a part of this movement. 

January 26, 2015 — Sean Lawrence
Tags: Filmmaking