We’re happy to announce that we are hosting a Beastgrip/RØDE Microphone Giveaway! Two lucky winners will be receiving a free Beastgrip Pro + Extreme Wide Angle lens, a RØDE VideoMicro and an SC7 TRS to TRRS cable, courtesy of RØDE Microphones, for our new custom tripods and RØDE products launch at the end of the giveaway… and to celebrate the last month before submissions close for the My RØDE Reel Short Film Contest!

Everyone has two chances to win: you can sign up at our Instagram and Facebook pages for a total of two entries – don’t forget to tag your friends too! 

We will announce the winners on Friday May 6th at 12PM CST via Facebook Live and give a special discount code to everyone that enters - which can be used with all of our Beastgrip-branded products!

Good luck!


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May 03, 2016 — Sean Lawrence
Tags: News