Recently the first Live Action Narrative short was released by director Sallyanne Massimini which was filmed on the RED Hydrogen phone titled “N.I.”.

In this short the director, cast and crew help you immerse yourself in the world of artificial intelligence utilizing the RED Hydrogen One phone as well as some of our gear for the entire short.

Director Statement

In the current climate of constant scientific discovery there is so much focus on the advancement of A.I. and how it will define and shape the future. In N.I. (which stands for Neo Intelligence) I explore what a new, more advanced form of A.I. would be like, how it would integrate with human society and how it would react to the ultimate test, the integration of human emotions.

Visually, Caravaggio's chiaro scuro technique was an inspiration, pushing us to embrace darkness. Filmed primarily with just the light from the phone the actress carried as her prop and story point, we weren't afraid of letting everything drop off to black. Sound design and score also played a key part in the short, defining the space and story.  

I was lucky to have access to prototypes of the RED Hydrogen phone. A big decision was what to shoot with, and because this piece becomes about technology I thought it'd be apropos to film on brand new technology, being the first to shoot a live action narrative with the Hydrogen. We filmed one of the cameras in H4V (holographic) mode for a behind the scenes segment, in addition to key takes and story points, and as a fun way to compare both modes - the short itself was filmed in its regular/2d mode. The reason was to utilize and experiment with the specific benefits to both modes. It was really refreshing to be so nimble as far as the gear goes, not only did we use the phones, but we used the Steadicam Air and the Squish, some of the new camera inventions from the company Master Cinematographers that I am a part of, where the focus is on streamlining filmmaking. 

Every completed movie is a miracle; this short film couldn't have been made without an amazing team. Collaboration is key and part of the magic. It was always so exciting to see what each artist brought to the table, every step of the way. A goal is to always work from a place of passion, to work with people who share that passion, and to enjoy the ride along the way. I think we definitely achieved that. 

Sallyanne Massimini 

We are very happy to see our Beastgrip Pro and the DOF MK2 adapter working so well with the RED Hydrogen One phone and the production crew.

 Checkout the official website for more BTS with complete info about the film.


March 06, 2019 — Vadym Chalenko
Tags: Filmmaking