It's no surprise that the iPad Pro is an extremely powerful device - a beautiful mixture between computer and tablet to say the least. But this blog post is about something different: the recent films that were shot on iPhone to highlight the iPad Pro's place in the life of two different creative professionals. These videos - like all of Apple's videos - are put together insanely well, and it will make anyone raise an eyebrow when being told that they were shot on an iPhone after watching.

The first video is about Sarah Clifford, a medical student, tutor and an extremely talented illustrator. She uses her illustrations as a learning and teaching tool to visualize the vast abyss of medical terminology that she absorbs every day in class. She has a substantial following of students, who crave her detailed notes and explanations that she posts regularly on her social media and YouTube accounts. This video shows how she uses her iPad to create her digital content and how seamless it allows her creative workflow to be.

JJ Acuna also has an interesting story that resonates with everyone that's ever felt stuck at a boring desk job. After working in the corporate world for 10 years, he decided to quit and travel the world, using his skills as an architect and interior designer. He also created a travel and design blog called Wanderlister that highlights his thoughts, life and work. This short film about him demonstrates how the iPad Pro fits perfectly into his creative process and unorthodox lifestyle.


Now, let's talk gear! The filmmakers for this project used the Beastgrip Pro + DOF Adapter, ExoLens with optics by Zeiss iPhone lens, Small HD, and RedRock Micro gear. The Zeiss Optics for the ExoLens have been highly anticipated and you can finally see some shots of it in action in these videos - looks great to us!

 Behind the scenes of the Sarah Clifford video

 Behind the scenes of the JJ Acuna Video

 Another behind the scenes shot of the JJ Acuna Video 


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August 22, 2016 — Sean Lawrence
Tags: News