Behind the scenes: An Apple Event shot on iPhone 15 Pro Max with Beastgrip gear!

Apple has once again managed to cast a spell on the tech world with their "Scary Fast" product launch event held yesterday October 30th 2023 and just in time for Halloween. During this event they introduced their latest additions to Apple's computer lineup, the all-new iMac and MacBooks. But what's truly exciting is that all the footage was filmed exclusively using the new iPhone 15 Pro Max.

While Apple released a behind-the-scenes video offering a peek into what goes on backstage our friend Michael Tobin has recorded another video where he talks about yesterday's event and dives deeper into all the details. We strongly recommend watching his video for even more detailed breakdown.

In this behind the scenes footage you can spot the extensive use of our very own Beastcage for iPhone. We couldn't be prouder that our gear played a significant role in bringing Apple's vision to life. The fact that Apple, Samsung, other big tech companies, filmmakers and content creators use our gear to enhance the filmmaking capabilities of their smartphones and help them create great quality content is incredible and we're thrilled to be a part of this tech evolution.

In the ever evolving world of technology collaborations like these demonstrate that the sky's the limit and we are honored and excited to continue pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the world of smartphone filmmaking.

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Beastcage for iPhone 15

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October 31, 2023 — Oleg Gavronski