Beastgrip Pro Series 1.7X Telephoto Lens

A great telephoto lens is a must-have in every photographer and filmmaker's camera bag. When used with your modern smartphone, it will provide you with lots of different options and will help you to enhance your images and videos. It’s not only a great zoom lens, as many might think, but it will also help you change the look, perspective, and feel of your images. It will be a great choice for portrait photography and any type of close-up shots as it will help you isolate your subject from the background and will give them that professional look. It is pretty versatile in terms of use and can be a great choice for many different shots and filming scenarios.

How it's different

So how is our new Pro Series 1.7X Telephoto lens different, and why is it the best Telephoto lens you can buy for your smartphone?

With the iPhone 12 Pro Max series that came with a larger main camera sensor and faster glass, older conversion lenses that were originally designed for previous generations of smartphones with smaller camera sensors started to lose their optical performance and weren't able to provide you with decent results. Many of your favorite Beastgrip 3X and 2X Telephoto lenses were performing great on your older smartphones, but now it is time for our new Pro Series 1.7X Telephoto lens. The telephoto lens is probably one of the most challenging lenses to make as it requires a lot of effort to create the perfect glass elements that can provide excellent results and work with all modern smartphones. We also did not want to compromise on image quality and were extremely passionate about designing a great telephoto lens that would produce the best image sharpness and color and still give you good zoom. Ultimately, we settled with the 1.7X zoom option as we felt it was the best choice for our new lens. When combined with modern smartphone cameras, this lens will give you a focal lens equivalent that is just perfect for natural perspective and portrait shots. For example, on the latest iPhone 14 Pro series and Google Pixel 7 Pro smartphones, on the main wide cameras with a new 2X zoom option, this lens will give you about 40-80mm focal lens equivalent. Because of its short focusing distance (about 11 inches on the main camera), it allows you to achieve a shallow depth of field, draw attention and isolate the subject from the background. This makes it an excellent lens for portraits and all other types of close-up shots.

Another goal was to make a lens that would perform great not only on the main wide camera but also on the tele camera on your smartphone. Currently, there are no lenses on the market that work well with tele cameras and would be able to provide good-quality results. Our new Pro Series 1.7X Telephoto lens will give you excellent results and provide you with extra zoom when used with the tele cameras on your smartphone.

On tele cameras, with 2X and 3X zoom, this lens has great optical performance. On 5x or 10x tele cameras, our new lens will provide you with decent quality results but not as good as on other cameras.

Specs and Compatibility

As with all of the previous lenses in our Pro Series line, the body of this new lens is made from high-quality machined anodized aluminum. Professional quality optical glass with multi-layer anti-reflective coating ensures accurate color reproduction, excellent image sharpness, and contrast across the whole frame with minimal distortion. The 1.7X Telephoto lens is based on a 37mm mount and can be used with our universal rig Beastgrip Pro and dedicated Beastcage for iPhone. This will allow you to use this lens with your favorite iPhone, Samsung, or Pixel, as well as all the other brands of smartphones on the market.

New Beastgrip 1.7X Telephoto lens comes with a built-in 62mm filter mount that allows you to use many filters and opens another door for your creativity. Use polarizing, neutral density, or any other filter and add different effects, change the mood of your image and enhance your craft even more.

Since most of the latest smartphones come with a 24mm main wide camera, which is wider than previous generation smartphones, the 62mm filer mount was a necessary update in mechanical design. With a 58mm filter mount, it would produce a mechanical vignetting even without additional filters. Currently, our Pro Series filters are 58mm, and can not be used directly with this lens. We will release a 62-58mm step-down ring to accommodate the current filters; stay tuned for more information.

  • Weight: 6.2oz (176g)
  • Size: 64 x 64 x 30 mm
  • Lens mount: M37 x 0.75 threaded mount
  • Filter mount: M62 x 0.75 threaded mount
  • Optical Design: 2 groups /4 elements
  • Magnification Ratio: ~ 1.7X
  • Distortion: <4%
  • Lateral Color: <1um
  • Lens Coating: Multi-layer, anti-reflection broadband 400nm-700nm.
  • Material: Machined aluminum with anodized finish
Sold out

If you are looking for a great quality telephoto lens for your iPhone or Android phone that will allow you to enhance your vision and will make your footage more cinematic, then look no further. Beastgrip Pro Series 1.7X Telephoto lens is a new industry standard and is currently the best telephoto lens you can buy for your smartphone! During the past year, our team worked hard to ensure this new lens will perform great and give you the best results on all modern smartphones and new generations of smartphones to come.

January 11, 2023 — Oleg Gavronski