Wow. This year is starting off great for us already, and it has only been two weeks! We just got back from an exhausting, but extremely rewarding trip from CES in Las Vegas. We were exhibitors this year at booth #81050 in the Eureka Park/Sands Expo, dedicated entirely to start ups. There were people everywhere, to say the least - not a moment went by without dozens of people surrounding us from every direction. With the chaos of it all we weren't able to walk around much, but we had the pleasure to spend some time with our good friends at Conceptor, and meet the founders from Lumecube and Luuv, all from recently successful Kickstarter campaigns. From firsthand experience, I can say it's amazing to be a part of the Kickstarter family and we are so proud to come from the same place as these other great companies. Their products look great and we can't wait to test them with the Beastgrip Pro out in the field!


Conceptor showcasing their iBlazr Wireless LED

Conceptor showcasing their iBlazr 2 Wireless LED    


 Lumecube mounted on the Beastgrip Pro 


It was also really eye-opening to see how far phoneography has come. At almost every glance you could see a handful of people live streaming, conducting interviews and taking pictures of the newest gadgets with their smartphones - and more often than not, they were using it with a Beastgrip Pro and some really interesting accessories. We were also thrilled to have Tarn from Mashable stop by our booth to show us her Beastgrip rig she had for CES. The several interviews we did were all shot on an iPhone 6S + and Beastgrip Pro, including one for the upcoming Kickstarter-funded documentary Lost in the Crowd. (You can check out our other interviews from Buster Hein at Cult of Mac, Kyle Kesterson - the creator of Freak’n Genius, and journalist/entrepreneur Keegan Sard.
Buster Hein from Cult of Mac
Journalist/Entrepreneur Keegan Sard
We had the opportunity to showcase several of our unreleased products and receive a ton of positive feedback, especially on our vertical phone mount for live streaming. Pretty soon we will have our BT-100 and BT-300 tripods, and custom cold shoe and vertical mounts available on our web store and Amazon. We'll also be offering RØDE microphones and accessories like the smartLav+, RØDELink, VideoMicro  and VideoMic Pro, which are all great for filming interviews, short/feature films, action sports, etc.


At the Bellagio Hotel      
All in all, we had a blast the entire time we were there - if you haven't been to Las Vegas I highly recommend it - and hope to possibly go back for next year's CES. We can hardly wait to release our new products and continue to expand the capabilities of everyone's smartphone! It's been a crazy and fun ride making our phoneography dreams come true and we couldn't have made it this far without all of the incredible support we've received from all of our diehard fans. Thank you so much for sticking with us.

More to come soon...


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January 15, 2016 — Sean Lawrence
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