It was a pleasant surprise to come across the Instagram teaser from videoographer Filip Sjövall, featuring skaters Edvin Marsh, Jakob Stein, and Noam Or. It's a beautifully shot video showing these talented skaters doing what they do best in the streets of Spain.

With a minimalist setup, Filip proves undeniably that more is not always "more" - taking only his Beastgrip Pro, Wide Angle and Fisheye lenses, a tripod, RODE VideoMic Pro and low angle grip (pictured below) along for the ride. 

Sjövall discussed the importance of timing with us, saying "Skateboarding is very special to shoot since in 90% of the cases, you don’t know where you’re going to film - it depends a lot on the skater and where they want to skate... you have to be pretty quick in setting up for a shot because if the skater is in the right mindset he can’t wait for an hour for you to set up your gear - it’s going down NOW and you have to be ready to document the trick!"


When asked about his overall experience shooting a skateboard video on a Beastgrip Pro and iPhone for the first time, he replied, "I got my Beastgrip [Pro] sometime in October, and the first thing I noticed was how stable it was. I started experimenting with it and added different gear and accessories to it. I did some test filming at the local skate park and after some making some quick adjustments, I found a setup that worked out perfect for what I was doing. The Beastgrip [Pro] has been a major part of my phoneography videos and I wouldn't be able to do anything close to this video without it."

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Coming soon, we'll post a full interview with Filip Sjövall, where we discuss his pre-shoot rituals, turning filmmaking from a hobby into a full-time gig, most important gear under $100 and more!


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March 15, 2016 — Sean Lawrence
Tags: Filmmaking