iPhone 13 Lenses

The iPhone 13 burst on the scene with its speedier chipset, high refresh displays and best of all, a greatly improved camera over the already excellent iPhone 12. And although the recently released iPhone 14 features a 48MP sensor, that feature is only available on the Pro and Pro Max versions. The standard iPhone 14 features what is essentially the same camera as you'll get on the iPhone 13. If you want to get the most out of your iPhone 13 camera choose quality iPhone 13 lenses from Beastgrip.


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About iPhone 13 Camera Lenses

People have been singing the praises of the iPhone 13 camera since the day it was introduced. With its macro technology, auto-focus system that produces crystal clear images as close as 2 cm and the ability to shoot both slo-mo and time-lapse videos, it elevated the game for creators worldwide. But everything could afford to be a little better, and that's where iPhone 13 lenses from Beastgrip come in.

State-of-the-Art iPhone 13 Lenses From Beastgrip

As much of a game-changer as the iPhone 13 camera is you can optimize its feature set even further by choosing iPhone 13 lenses from Beastgrip including our:

Wide angle lenses: A wide angle lens will help you transform the iPhone 13’s already impressive field of view by another 25%. You’ll be able to capture the grandeur of nature, provide a breathtaking sense of scale to your productions and give your imagery that cinemascope feel. Made from high grade professional glass and durable materials this lens will provide great image quality and will be a perfect choice for mobile journalist, content creators and those who love capturing breathtaking shots of landscapes and cityscapes.

Anamorphic lenses: With an anamorphic lens for iPhone 13 from Beastgrip you’ll be able to endow your productions with the classic Hollywood 2.4:1 aspect ratio. Make your footage look like a next Tarantino movie and make it stand out from the rest. Add cinema feel to your next documentary or short film and provide your work with the gravitas it deserves by adding a Beastgrip anamorphic lens to your iPhone 13.

Fisheye lenses: Our fisheye lens will enable you to achieve that GoPro look on your skateboarding, snowboarding or other action sports videos. You’ll capture nearly 180 degrees of what’s around you and do so easily, since our fisheye lens is compatible with all Beastgrip rigs. Add more creativity and a classic fisheye look to your videos and stills by using Beastgrip Fisheye lens with your iPhone 13.

DOF adapters: The depth-of-field DOF adapter is an essential kit for anyone who wants to communicate emotional truths with their photos and videos.

Take your iPhone 13 camera to the next levels and create a unique content. Add a beautiful bokeh and shallow depth of field effect to your shots. Tell your own story and translate emotions into your vision by utilizing Beastgrip DOF adapter with the new camera sensors on the iPhone 13. Use your favorite vintage DSLR lense and give a unique touch to your videos and stills. This is a must have tool in your camera bag!