iPhone 14 Rigs

If you are serious about wanting to create professional-grade video content, you need a quality rig that will ensure a solid grip while providing enhanced stability, and safety and will allow you to attach your favorite accessories and build a perfect rig for the job. And that is where Beastgrip Rigs come in.

With your iPhone safely ensconced in one of our Beastgrip rigs, you'll enjoy greater flexibility and will be able to take your creative process to the next level. Because different creators have different requirements we have a variety of pro-level rigs to choose from.

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Beastgrip Pro

Beastgrip Pro universal rig is the most advanced smartphone camera rig on the market. It is versatile and packed with features that make it the first-choice rig for professional filmmakers, photographers, live streamers, vloggers, and journalists. Its unique design allows you to attach Beastgrip lenses, your favorite filters, LED light, and microphone or simply mount it to a gimbal or tripod. Its adjustable design makes it compatible with most smartphones on the market, including the new iPhone 14 series, which makes it a perfect choice for those who like to use different smartphones for their filming needs. Capture smooth and more stable shots with full access to your smartphone’s screen and charging port by using our universal rig Beastgrip Pro with your favorite device.

Beastgrip Pro + Kenko

With the Beastgrip Pro + Kenko lens bundle, you get all the rock-solid functionality of the Beastgrip Pro, plus you also get one of the most talked about smartphone lenses on the market in the form of the Beastgrip x Kenko 0.75X Pro Series Wide Angle Lens.

The result will be cinema-quality images, a wider field of view, edge-to-edge sharpness, zero distortion and zero chromatic aberration. This lens also comes with an integrated 58mm threaded filter mount in the event your shot calls for a lens filter. The perfect shot is within your grasp with the Beastgrip Pro + Kenko.

Beastgrip Pro with 1.33X Anamorphic Lens

Sometimes, nothing less than that classic cinematic feel will do, and the best way to achieve that with your iPhone is by picking up one of our Beastgrip Pro rigs with a 1.33X anamorphic lens. Create high-quality cinematic shots and take your phoneography to the next level. Our best-selling universal rig Beastgrip Pro with 1.33X Anamorphic Lens will be a perfect filmmaking setup for any pro or filmmaking enthusiast! Beautiful widescreen 2.4:1 aspect ratio with breathtaking horizontal lens flare will make your footage look like a Hollywood movie. It is fully compatible with both iPhone and Android smartphones.

Beastgrip Beastclamp

If you need a lightweight and compact rig for capturing your shots, you're going to love the Beastclamp. This rig allows you to attach mics, LED lights, a tripod, and other accessories with ease. Made with an anodized aluminum finish, its lightweight and durable design will make it a perfect choice for mobile journalists, social media creators, or those who want the compact rig without losing a functionality. Available in 1 and 2-handed models.

Beastgrip Beastcage 14 (coming soon)

Professional grade cage for filmmaking and photography will guarantee a perfect fit and alignment with your iPhone. Attach your favorite Beastgrip lenses and filters and other brands like Moment, Sandmarc, Moondog labs, Sirui lenses, and Beastgrip DOF adapter. Add a microphone, LED lights, handles, grips, and other accessories, and build your perfect rig by utilizing ¼ "-20 accessory mounts, cold shoe mount, and two neck strap mounts. Great build quality and tons of cool features make Beastcage the only cage you ever need for your iPhone.