Tripods for Mobile Phones

Because holding the camera in your hands all the time just isn’t practical, and because some shots call for the camera to be rock-solid steady from beginning to end you will need to have an iPhone tripod in your bag you can depend on. iPhone tripods can make the difference between an amateur-looking final product and one that is professional grade.

Some shots demand a nice stable camera, even if you are shooting with a smartphone. For that reason, we offer professional-grade iPhone tripods that attach easily and securely to any Beastgrip rig and transform your mobile imaging device into something more. You will never regret having one of these iPhone tripods in your gear bag.

Beastgrip Tripod BT-100

Made from durable, lightweight anodized aluminum the Beastgrip BT-100 will accept your Beastgrip Pro rig or any other camera you want to use. The BT-100 is extremely flexible and can quickly and easily be transformed into a monopod or a low-profile tripod in just a few seconds. And at only 3.8 pounds carrying it won’t wear you out.

There's a quick-release plate on the ball head that enables the creator to swap out cameras on the fly, and whether you are working with your iPhone alone or you have an LED light, mic and more attached to a Beastgrip rig the BT-100 will not sink under the weight. Extends up to 64" and folds down to only 18" for storage or carrying.

Beastgrip Mini Tripod BT-50

For those who are looking for a durable, portable, and compact tripod we made our Mini Tripod BT-50.

Easy to carry around with only 1 lb of weight, this ultra-low-profile tripod can be deployed in seconds and will allow you to start filming in no time. A compact and durable design allows this tripod to support up to 15lbs of weight and by simply folding the legs you can transform it into a small portable grip if needed.

Attach your Beastgrip rig or any other camera and start filming your interview, record a monologue or live stream from your favorite cafe and use it anywhere you go!

Beastgrip Mini Ball Head BH-50

Attach LED lights, monitors, or other heavier accessories to your rig using the Beastgrip Mini Ball Head BH-50. Regardless of what type of videos or photographs you’re intent on capturing, the BH-50 is poised to become your new favorite piece of production gear. Great durability and help with expanding your rig this little ball head is a must for those who like to build things their way!