iPhone Camera Lenses

iPhone lenses from Beastgrip will enable you to transform your already impressive iPhone camera into a professional-grade video production device. While filming your footage or taking pictures, you will have more creative choices than you thought possible, and virtually everything you ever imagined doing with a camera will be within your reach.

Beastgrip provides a full range of iPhone lenses designed to satisfy everyone from the serious filmmaker to the inspired amateur. Everyone who is looking to take their #iphoneography to the next level and get the best possible quality of shots from their iPhone can choose from a variety of lenses we offer.

Anamorphic lenses

Our Anamorphic lenses for iPhones will allow you to capture videos with cinematic quality. Our professional-grade 1.33X MK2 Anamorphic Lens for iPhone creates a stunning 2.4:1 aspect ratio image (the same as seen in most big-screen Hollywood movies) that is crystal clear. Produce pro-level documentaries, tell compelling stories, or capture breathtaking landscapes with our 1.33X Anamorphic Lens MK2 for iPhone. Our upcoming 1.55X Anamorphic Lens MK2 will allow you to film in Ultra Panavision 2.76:1 aspect ratio. With beautiful flares and even wider field of view, this lens will leave the fans of cinematic footage speechless.

Wide angle lenses

The wide angle lens is great for landscape photography or videos where you are trying to create an epic sense of scale. Our wide angle lenses can be mounted to any Beastgrip rig to generate amazing results with stunning image quality. Pick our Pro Series 0.75X Wide Angle lens to create unmatched quality wide angle shots, or choose our entry-level 0.6X Wide Angle Lens with Macro and still get your wide or macro shots covered, just on a budget-friendly level.

Fisheye lenses

The fisheye lens is not for everyone, but if geometric precision is a secondary consideration and what you really want is to capture the widest possible angle with a classic fisheye look, this lens might be just what you need. Great for action sports photography and for capturing creative artistic shots. Also, this lens has a detachable macro lens for extreme close-up shots and is fully compatible with all Beastgrip rigs.

DOF adapters

Our DOF (Depth of Field) adapter is an ideal choice for creating a shallow depth of field for your iPhone videos or photos. Add a beautiful film look, create a separation between foreground and background and give your images a sense of depth with real beautiful bokeh for a truly cinematic look.

Beastgrip: Your Trusted Source for iPhone Lenses

Trust Beastgrip to provide the highest quality iPhone lenses at competitive prices and don’t forget we offer FREE domestic shipping, expert support, 30-day returns and a full 1-year warranty.