The all-new Beastgrip Macro Lens for iPhone and Android phones

A macro lens is a crucial tool for smartphone filmmakers and photographers who desire to capture and present the utmost intricate details found in objects or nature. It lets you focus on the object, revealing the tiniest nuances in product shots and everyday items. Macro lenses are irreplaceable tools for nature photography, product photography, jewelry photography, or simply when someone seeks to showcase the finer details of the world around us in their images. And now, with our new Beastgrip Pro Series Macro Lens smartphone, filmmakers and photographers can unlock a whole new perspective, bringing the beauty and intricacy of even the tiniest subjects. Our new Macro lens will allow you to elevate your creative vision and explore and present those captivating images with unmatched quality.

Why dedicated Macro Lens?

In recent years smartphones have made significant steps in camera technology, offering the potential to capture macro images. However, these built-in capabilities often fail to deliver the same level of quality and precision as a dedicated macro lens. Recognizing this gap, we have developed a lens that takes smartphone photography to a new level. Beastgrip Macro lens delivers excellent results on the main wide and tele cameras, delivering crisp details and beautiful background bokeh that adds additional artistry and depth to your images. Whether you're an iPhone or Android user, the new Beastgrip Macro lens is an exceptional tool that will help you unlock the full potential of smartphone photography and filmmaking, pushing the boundaries and capturing stunning macro images like never before. Another unique feature of our Macro lens is an extended focus range of 1.5-2.25 inches, allowing you to capture a slightly wider range in a frame than standard smartphone macro lenses. It also features a detachable 58mm filter mount for easy attachment of additional filters to help your creativity flow even more.


Pro Series Macro Lens | Extended focus range


The New Beastgrip Macro lens is compatible with all smartphones and can be used with both Universal Beastgrip Pro and Beastcage for iPhone rigs and will allow you to get great results no matter what rig you decide to use on your filming day. Built with high-grade anodized aluminum, which gives this lens great durability, and high-quality glass elements enable you to capture the most complex details with the greatest precision and clarity, producing stunning images that truly stand out.

Nature Macro shots

Nature photographers are always on the lookout for a lens that will allow them to capture those tiny details of this beautiful world, and we can proudly say our lens is just what you need; its ability to focus up close will allow you to showcase the tiniest details of the plants, flowers or those precious tiny bugs. Additionally, with its ability to create a shallow depth of field our new Macro lens will allow you to isolate the subject from its surroundings producing that breathtaking bokeh.

Product Macro shots

Those who seek unmatched quality in their product shots or jewelry enthusiasts will find this lens to be an invaluable tool for capturing detailed photographs and videos of their pieces. It delivers outstanding results on both main wide and telephoto cameras on your iPhone or Android devices providing versatility for various photography and filmmaking needs. For those who are interested to see even more, we have recorded a sample footage video where you will be able to see the magical side of this new Beastgrip Macro lens.

Whether you're an iPhone or Android user, this lens will be an essential addition to your camera bag. With its advanced technology and high-quality build, it's the perfect tool for capturing stunning up-close shots and revealing the intricate details of the world around you. Capture mesmerizing macro shots with impeccable detail while adding beautiful bokeh and depth to your images.

June 07, 2023 — Oleg Gavronski