It's that time of the year with holidays just around the corner. It’s a perfect time to treat yourself, your friends or your loved one with a perfect gift.

If you are a mobile filmmaker you probably already know what is on your shopping list but for those who are new to phoneography and just found our website our Beastgrip team prepared some suggestions that will help to make your holiday buying experience even easier.


A must have for everyone who is getting into #iphoneography is our BeastCam app. The most advanced and packed with features app on the market. Unlock the full potential of your iPhone camera to capture the best possible photos and videos on your iPhone.

This holiday season get you Beascam app for only $4.99

#2. Beastgrip Pro

Beastgrip Pro is our universal smartphone camera rig that has been used by professionals all around the globe. It was used in numerous big budget projects and latest Apple commercials and is proven to be the best rig you can find on the market.

Beastgrip Pro will transform your smartphone into the ultimate filming machine, it fits most modern smartphones and you can use it with a big variety of lenses/filters and accessories.

Attach the LED light or a microphone, put it on a gimbal or tripod or just pick your desired lens and start filming. Good grip, clean stable shots, easy access to your phone's screen and full control over the process of filming.

Simply add it to your cart and get a 20% discount.

Sold out

Sold out

#3. Beastcage for iPhone

Prices start at only $69. Don’t miss out as only this week you can buy a professional cage dedicated for your specific iPhone model and get additional 20% off.

Beastcage is a perfect tool for every beginner or professional and will let you be even more creative in your #iphoneography journey.

Already have Beastcage in your cart? Don't forget about our amazing M Series lenses that are also on sale. Simply attach any M series lens to your Beastcage and start filming.

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Sold out

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Excited to build your perfect rig with our Action Handle? Now it’s a perfect time! Add more comfort and stability and get your rig ready for shooting!

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Sold out

#4. Beastclamp

Looking for a minimalistic setup? Check out our Beastclamp. It’s great for bloggers, live streams or for those who are looking for a simple and compact rig. It allows you to add a microphone, your LED light, you can mount it on a tripod and just have an overall better grip and control of your phone while shooting your videos or taking pictures.

Want to make this rig even better, you definitely can, just add a BT-50 tripod and enjoy this awesome setup with a 20% holiday sale discount.

Sold out

Sold out

#5. BGM50 Microphone

Ready to improve the sound quality in your videos and take it to a next level? You sure can. Our newly released BGM50 microphone can be used with all the gear we just talked about.

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Browse our website and pick what you like, be it a Beastgrip Pro or Beastcage, Lenses, Filters or our new Microphone and enjoy our products at these awesome holiday discounted prices.

Everything is 20% OFF!!!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays #beastgripnation. Let's create art!

December 14, 2021 — Oleg Gavronski