What a crazy few weeks we've had lately. First, the iPhone 8 Plus was released and ranked as the best smartphone camera, and then the Samsung Galaxy Note 8  beat the iPhone 8 Plus for best camera for photos, and now the Google Pixel 2 beat them all! You can check out the Google Keynote event here for a full breakdown of the new features on the Google Pixel 2, like it's digital image stabilization, "dual pixel" technology and more.


Based on the specs, we know that the Google Pixel 2 will be fully compatible with all of our products. We can't wait to see the camera specs and test out its amazing camera ourselves. We'll keep you posted about its performance with our lenses once it's released.


Every day that passes by, we see phoneography getting better and better. Whether it's a new smartphone with a better camera, a new film being released by a famous director, or a new piece of gear to help you take better photos and videos, we couldn't be happier with the progress we're seeing. Stay tuned for more information! BG

October 05, 2017 — Sean Lawrence
Tags: News