Hello Beastgrip family, today we are excited to introduce to you our newest release, the all-new Beastgrip BGM50 microphone. Affordable, lightweight, and compact on-camera microphone that will improve the quality of the sound in your videos!
In the era when every day we get new innovations in the video recording field, sound is as important as the quality of your videos.To bring a strong impact with your story some people may say that sound plays an even bigger role than the quality of the video and we agree with that.
Most smartphones these days have good quality integrated microphones but if you want to bring your sound to the next level we strongly recommend using an external microphone as it’s always a step up from your smartphone mic. The same goes with your camera, if you are a professional camera user you know that nothing will deliver a better sound quality than a good quality external mic.
Our BGM50 is a cardioid pattern microphone that works both with your smartphone and camera. It is versatile and affordable. Let’s talk about its specs a little more. Its cardioid pattern picks up the sound in the front and from the sides but has extremely reduced sensitivity to sound coming from the back. It’s estimated that it reduces around 70% of the sound coming from the back. Its directional sound pick up is heart-shaped in nature and has a wide frequency response ranging from 35-18KHz.
While using this microphone you will not need a battery as it gets powered directly from your camera or your smartphone, it is lightweight, compact and easy to use and it will not be as bulky as other shotgun mics you might have used before.
BGM50 is made of solid machined aluminum with an anodized finish and it is extremely durable and weighs only ~50grams.

Sold out
BGM50 microphone comes with a Rycote shock-mount that is equipped with a cold shoe adapter and 1/4 inch mount on the bottom. That will allow you to easily attach the mic to a camera, cage, boom pole or other gear. Using your new mic with Rycote shock-mount while recording will greatly reduce the possibility of noise coming from vibrations that might ruin your perfectly good recording.
If you are in “run and gun” filming scenarios Rycote shock-mount is your best bet to a cleaner, noise-free end result.
In the box, you will receive a windshield, two cables (3.5mm TRS & TRRS cable), a carrying pouch and a quick start guide.
When you need to connect your BGM50 mic to a camera use the included TRS cable and use the TRRS cable when you need to connect to your smartphone. Please make sure that you are always using the correct cable. The TRRS cable has labels on both sides that will help you determine which side you connect to your smartphone and which one goes to your mic.
For your convenience, we simply included everything you need to grab and go!
Please note that most smartphones these days don’t have a headphone jack so make sure you are using the dongle.

We also want to share with you some tips on how to get the best results while using your new mic.

  • Tip #1: Get your microphone as close as possible to your sound source for the cleanest result.
  • Tip #2: Use the windshield every time you record outside. It will help to reduce the wind noise and avoid sound clipping that can completely ruin the sound in your footage.
  • Tip #3: Set up the audio gain in your smartphone or camera. The BGM50 is a very sensitive mic and if your camera gain is set on high you can easily get clipping issues especially if you are recording outdoors. We strongly recommend reducing the audio gain in your phone app or in your camera settings.
If you are a vlogger, journalist or a social media content creator who needs to capture great sound while recording your videos or an artist who needs a quick easy setup to record content on the go, or anyone who is simply looking for a good quality microphone for their iPhone, Android or camera you will benefit from using our new BGM50 mic.  
It is a versatile and affordable tool that will help any content creator who is looking to step up their game in the sound department.
Simply connect it to the Beastgrip Pro, Beastcage for iPhone, Beastclamp, or your camera and any other rig you have and you will notice how better of sound you will get in your next shot.
November 24, 2021 — Oleg Gavronski