A new video was published late on Wednesday, April 17th, 2019 titled “Don’t Mess With Mother” which concentrates on the animal kingdom around the world. It was filmed in nine countries around the world and features a metal soundtrack from the band Megadeath. The video was released just ahead of Earth Day 2019 which was shot on the iPhone XS by Camp4 Collective with Keith Ladzinski and Andy Mann

 In addition, Apple released the BTS video, where you can see the Beastgrip Pro was used by the team alongside with other gear: the Movie Freefly Gimbal, Moment Lenses, and the FiLMiC Pro app.

Also, our DOF MK2 Adapter was used to capture footage with shallow depth of field, which can be clearly seen since it has a distinguished cinematic look.

We are very happy and thrilled to be a part of this amazing project!

Our gear used in the project

Sold out

Sold out


April 19, 2019 — Vadym Chalenko
Tags: Filmmaking