📷 Photo taken from the behind the scenes extras of the "Unsane" film on iTunes.

This film was not only a giant leap forward for the mobile community because it raised over 7.5 million in theaters and was shot by the legendary Steven Soderbergh (known for the “Ocean’s” movies “Logan Lucky,” etc.) on an iPhone 7 and Beastgrip Pro, but it also offers inspiration for all filmmakers on how to shoot a feature film on your smartphone in new and exciting ways.

If you want to see some of the custom “Unsane” iPhone rigs with the Beastgrip Pro mounted onto all kinds of interesting gear, including a Snorricam rig (like they used in John Legend’s “A Good Night”), onto the back of a car, and much more, you can order “Unsane” on iTunes and watch the included behind the scenes extras.

May 31, 2018 — Sean Lawrence
Tags: Filmmaking