iPhone 14 Lenses

The iPhone 14 continues Apple’s run as makers of the premier smartphone. Some of the biggest and most important updates to the iPhone 14 have to do with the camera department, and that comes with new added features.


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iPhone 14 Lenses

The iPhone 14 camera now bins pixels together in groups of 4 in order to drastically improve low-light imagery. You will lose a tiny bit of resolution in your low light images but more importantly, those images will now be largely free of noise. You lose some resolution, but gain sensitivity.

ProRAW capture

Another cool feature is iPhone's new ProRAW capture at a full 48 megapixels.

Snap your favorite shots with great details and get more control and flexibility in editing the exposure, color, and white balance in your favorite photo editing app.

2X Zoom

Finally, Apple placed a new zoom step between 1x and 3x to provide greater flexibility to creators. The 2x zoom uses the central portion of the 48 MP sensor to create the effect of an equivalent telephoto lens. Unlike a digital zoom feature, this new 2x zoom from Apple allows you to zoom in without losing quality.

Make the Most of Your iPhone 14 with iPhone 14 Lenses from Beastgrip

Get ready to take your iPhone 14 footage to a new level and create Hollywood-looking documentaries, shorts, and films. Film in a beautiful 2.4:1 widescreen aspect ratio with classic horizontal flares. Capture breathtaking shots and enhance your vision with Beastgrip Anamorphic lenses. This would be a perfect choice for those who love filming landscapes and cityscapes, making documentaries and short films.

Beastgrip 0.75X Wide Angle lens will allow you to increase your field of view by 25% and will give unmatched image quality to shots. If you are a mobile journalist or content creator, love filming landscapes and cityscapes or a big fan of action sports, then this lens is for you.

Utilize a built-in 58mm filter mount to add even more to your creative process.

Take professional-quality videos and pictures by using this lens with your iPhone 14.

Enjoy creating your unique footage with the widest angle lens we offer. Beastgrip Fisheye lens with Macro will give you 180 degree field of view plus will let you capture more in each frame.

If you are into filming action sports or love taking cool videos while skateboarding, snowboarding or doing other extreme sports then this is the lens you want to get. This incredible lens is compatible with all Beastgrip rigs and will greatly expand your creative horizons.