Today Apple released another beautiful #shotoniphone film in celebration of the Chinese New year. "The Bucket" a short film directed by Jia Zhangke tells a story of a young man visiting his home. After his long journey back to the city and upon opening a burden of a gift his mother packed him with he is reminded that the taste of home will always bring him back. It magically captures the love and warmth that comes from a loving home and helps us embrace the little things that we may take for granted.

The entire film was shot on a iPhone XS with an incredible cinematic look which was achieved by utilizing the DOF MK2 adapter paired with the Beastgrip Pro in the majority of the scenes. This is another example of incredible creativity and professionalism that truly shows the capabilities of the iPhone to tell a story and another step in the evolution of the #phoneography movement! We are very proud to be apart of this project!

Also, Apple released two additional videos with director Jia Zhangke showcasing the slow motion and Portrait Mode capabilities of the iPhone.

"Besides dialogue or narration, the best way to tell a cinematic story is through movement," Jia says. "Love feels deeper when it's silent. When time slows, the feeling of love lasts longer." 

Hopefully, we will see more BTS showcasing actual techniques and the work process involved into creating this beautiful film. The camera motions, drone shots and focus pull techniques we can see throughout the film leaves us to guess about what other equipment may have been used to achieve these results!

Today, everyone has a powerful filming device in their pocket to tell a story and we are dedicated to provide the best tools to help you "Take your phoneography to the next level!"

Our gear used in the project

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January 25, 2019 — Vadym Chalenko
Tags: Filmmaking