Director Sven Dreesbach proved you can shoot a breathtaking video with a tiny budget and a smartphone. He recently filmed the music video for Robot Koch's ambient track Dark Waves feat. Delhia de France on the stunning Southern California beach using an iPhone 6S. You can check out the video below:


The video was shot in slow motion, giving it a much more captivating POV than real time footage. Dreesbach revealed, "I was totally psyched to hear about being able to shoot slow motion in HD and we used all tools available to make sure we got the results we wanted." He was able to capture the alluring underwater footage with the housing cases and lenses from  Watershot and hypnotizing landscape shots with the Beastgrip Pro.

He used an app called FiLMiC Pro to shoot the video, explaining "It's a camera app which gives you full manual control over exposure and actually increases video quality.” According to Dreesbach, he had to sift through hours of slow motion footage and be extremely careful not to overexpose/underexpose any of the shots - which is no easy task - but as you can see, the results are jaw-dropping.


When asked why he chose to use a mobile photography rig instead of an expensive camera he argued, “Any professional camera system with the same features would have exceeded our budget and with this setup I was able to jump back in the water for some pickup shots any time, without having to worry about accessibility and such." He continued, "In the end it's not really the camera that matters to people. It's the resulting images which count. And I think they turned out great for a project on a shoestring budget like this." We really hope that after the great success of this music video we’ll have the chance to see more from Sven.


So the next time you’re feeling creative, pick up that smartphone and start making history.

Source: Mashable original article “Music video shot entirely with iPhone 6S, one app and a case”


December 18, 2015 — Sean Lawrence
Tags: Filmmaking