Phone compatibility

The Beastgrip Pro is compatible with virtually any smartphone on the market, including all iPhone and Samsung Galaxy models. Check your phone dimensions (with or without protective case) and the position of the camera as shown on image below to make sure it's compatible with the Beastgrip Pro. 

Although most phones are fully compatible, there are few phone models such as LG G Flex (curved shape with button on the back panel) and LG G2 (with button on the back panel) which will fit in to clamps properly, but can't be aligned perfectly with the lens mount because of the shape and/or button on the back panel.

*If you have a bulky protective case and have any doubts if it will fit properly, please contact us at - we're more than happy to assist you.

The Nokia Lumia 1520 can be used with Beastgrip Pro, but the handle on the lens mount assembly has to be removed to align lens mount with 1520's camera properly.

Getting started

1. Apply pressure to push spring loaded clamp up enough to place the phone between clamps. 


2. Place your phone between the clamps, and release upper clamp to hold your phone firmly in place. Make sure your phone is positioned flush to the base of Beastgrip Pro. 


3. Release the thumb screws on the base and lens mount to align the lens mount opening with your phone's camera, then re-tighten the thumb screws.

Adjustable clamps

Both the upper and lower clamps can be mounted in different configurations with the included hex key to adjust the amount of pressure to hold your phone securely in place - the closer the clamps are, the more pressure there will be. 

Extending the lens mount

To extend your Beastgrip Pro for larger phones, simply remove the lens mount assembly from the base and screw-in the included extenders to the rods as shown on the image below. 

Adjusting for protruded cameras

The lens mount assembly can be moved forward to accommodate phones with a protruded camera. Use the included hex key to release the two screws as shown on image below, then move the lens mount forward until it is flush with the protruded camera, and re-tighten the screws.

Modular design

The Beastgrip Pro has a modular design with a removable handle and lens mount assembly, allowing users to create the perfect set up for any shooting scenario.


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