Mounting the DOF MK2

1. Mount your phone into the Beastgrip Pro and align the lens mount with your phone’s camera.

Mounting your phone into the Beastgrip Pro

2. Screw the DOF MK2 into the lens mount.

Attaching DOF MK2 to Beastgrip Pro

3. Release the lever (A) and rotate the barrel (B) clockwise until the focusing screen is aligned horizontally; then lock the lever.

Aligning the DOF MK2

For the best user experience, we recommend locking the rotating barrel (B) with the release pin (D) facing outwards, as shown in the image.

4. Attach your SLR or DSLR lens to the bayonet mount.

Attaching your SLR or DSLR lens to the DOF MK2

Recommended Apps

The DOF MK2 Adapter displays your image upside down. For the best experience, we recommend using one of the third-party apps below to flip the image back to normal while shooting:

Recommended apps for the DOF Adapter

Getting started

1. Launch your camera app and invert the image back to its normal orientation. 

2. Lock your phone's focus (usually by tapping/holding the screen or the square on some apps). 

3. Turn the focus dial on your SLR/DSLR lens until your image is in focus. 

Compatible lenses

The main purpose of the DOF MK2 is to add a beautiful, real shallow depth-of-field and bokeh to your photos and videos. For the best results, we recommend using lenses that meet the following criteria:


    There is some light loss when using the DOF MK2. For the best results, we recommend using fast lenses with an aperture between f1.2 - f2.8, and opening your aperture as wide as possible. You can use lenses with a slower/closed aperture, but results may vary. 

    Full frame

    The DOF MK2 is designed for full frame lenses. Although crop/APS-C lenses like the Canon EF-S or Nikon DX will technically work, they will have a lot of vignetting and are not recommended. 

    Manual/mechanical focus

    Your lens needs to be able to focus manually without being attached to a DSLR camera body. Lenses like the Canon STM that rely on electronics or a camera body to focus are not compatible with the DOF MK2. 

    Compatible lens mounts

    Direct mount

    Canon EF lenses can be mounted directly onto the DOF MK2 and are compatible "out of the box," as long as the requirements above are met.

    Adaptable mount

    The following lenses can be mounted on the DOF MK2 with a simple adapter ring. Note: We will offer these adapter rings on our web store soon - stay tuned!

    Nikon F 

    Nikon G 

    Pentax K 


    Attention: Mirrorless and/or Micro Four Thirds lenses are not compatible with the DOF MK2.

    If you're unsure if your lens is compatible, please send us a link to the technical specs of the lens at and we will do our best to find out for you. 


    The DOF MK2 is mostly maintenance-free. The sensitive focusing screen is fully enclosed for protection from dust and damages. Due to the nature of this technology, there may still be microscopic imperfections or specs on the diffuser surface of the focusing screen - which is normal.

    ATTENTION: Disassembling the DOF MK2 will void the warranty and likely damage the internal optical components.