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1. Mount your phone into the Beastgrip Pro and align the lens mount with your phone’s camera
2. Screw the DOF Adapter MK2 into the lens mount
3. Release the locking lever and rotate the barrel clockwise until the focusing screen is aligned horizontally with the lens release pin facing outwards
  • Bonus tip: to move the locking lever to a more comfortable position, gently squeeze the hinges together and rotate the locking mechanism clockwise until you reach the desired position.
4. Attach your SLR or DSLR lens to the bayonet mount
5. Open your phone’s camera app and then tap and hold the screen to lock your focus onto the focusing screen

Note: the image will upside down in the stock camera app, though there are several third-party apps (see “Recommended Apps”) that will flip the screen to its normal orientation while shooting. Lastly, rotate the focus ring on your SLR or DSLR lens to control the focus as desired.


Recommended Apps

The DOF Adapter MK2 displays your image upside down. For the best experience, we recommend using the “DOF Adapter” or “image flip” setting on one of the third-party apps below to flip the image back to normal while shooting:

  • FiLMiC Pro
  • Filmakr
  • Pro Camera (Photo & Video)
  • Pro Movie
  • Guerrilla Filmmaker
  • Movie Pro


Recommended Lenses

Your SLR or DSLR lens will need to meet the following requirements in order to function properly with the DOF Adapter MK2:

  • Canon EF (a.k.a EOS) mount*
  • Full frame
  • Ability to focus manually without any electronic connections
  • Ability to open the aperture manually without any electronic connections, OR have a fully open aperture
  • Note: We recommend using fast lenses with an aperture between f1.8 - f2.8 for the best results and most shallow depth-of-field.

*Nikon F and G mount, Pentax K mount, M42 mount, and Olympus OM mount lenses can mount to a Canon EF mount with a simple adapter ring, and are compatible with the DOF Adapter MK2 as long as they meet the rest of the requirements.


The DOF Adapter MK2 is mostly maintenance-free, though we still recommend wiping the outside of the protective glass and lens with the included cleaning cloth. Also note that even though we assemble the DOF Adapter MK2 in a dust-free environment, there may be tiny specs of dust or minor imperfections on the focusing screen; this is normal. DO NOT attempt to disassemble the DOF Adapter MK2 or clean the focusing screen. Doing so will void your warranty and likely damage the interior components. 

Some* phones may show the dark edges of the focusing screen in your image/video. If you see these edges, slightly zoom/crop your image/video to remove them. Note: slightly zooming/cropping will not affect your image quality.

*Phones with a focal length equivalent of <29mm