58mm Pro Series CPL Filter


  • Professional-grade CPL filter made by Kenko Tokina in Japan
  • Improves color saturation and contrast for more cinematic photos and videos
  • Reduces reflections from water, glass and other non-metallic surfaces
  • Compatible with all Beastgrip Pro Series lenses and other 58mm lens mounts
  • Also compatible with Beastgrip Pro, Beastcage for iPhone, or M Series lenses with a 58mm lens filter adapter (not included)

This professional-quality CPL filter is designed and manufactured by Kenko Tokina, a global leader in optics with over 40 years of expertise. It’s built in Japan with the highest quality optical glass and aluminum for cinematic, professional-grade photos and videos.

Improve your color saturation and contrast and reduce reflections on your Beastgrip Pro Series lenses, M Series lenses, Beastgrip Pro or Beastcage for iPhone. It provides full control over the polarization by allowing you to rotate it a full 360 degrees to find the spot that blocks the most reflections at any angle.

Works best for enhancing objects that reflect lots of light, such as products, cars, real estate, and landscapes.