Beastclamp Rig


  • The ultimate smartphone clamp, along with everything you need to build a custom rig
  • Perfect for mobile journalists, social media creators and “run and gun” filmmakers
  • Includes accessory extension bar with 2 CH-50 handles, 2 cold shoe mounts, and multiple accessory mounts for attaching microphones, tripods, LED lights, etc.
  • Also includes 5 built-in 1/4”-20 accessory mounts and 2 cold shoe mounts on the Beastclamp
  • Compatible with all smartphones 
  • Note: Beastgrip lenses are not compatible since there’s no lens mount
  • Made of durable anodized aluminum

The Beastclamp on steroids. Secure any phone within seconds. Attach the accessory bar, two included grip handles, and any accessories you want, like microphones, LED lights, etc. and you’re ready to shoot.

Works especially well for minimalist rigs that you can customize and build on top of as needed.

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Package Content

Beastclamp x 1

CH-50 Handle x 2

Accessories extension bar x 1

Quick Start Guide x 1


Compatible with all smartphones with or without protective case.