Beastgrip creates the most advanced mobile photography and filmmaking equipment in the world. Our products are designed to expand the possibilities of your smartphone camera, giving photographers and filmmakers the freedom to swiftly create high-quality content in the mobile world that we live in.

Write Ups
"For the serious iPhone photographer."
Beastgrip's Phone Camera Rig Allows for a Variety of Add-Ons
Hype Beast - August 04, 2016
"It doesn't matter what kind of phone you have: your photos and videos would no doubt benefit from external lenses and other gear. The BeastGrip Phone Camera Rig lets you accessorize as much as you need."
Beastgrip Phone Camera Rig
Uncrate - August 05, 2016
"...this rig will let you do some serious photography with your phone."
Beastgrip Turns Your Smartphone Into a Pro Camera
Technabob - August 04, 2016
" ...the partnership with Kenko Tokina promises some extra interesting lenses."
US Mobile Phone Rig and Lens Mount Manufacturer Beastgrip has Started Distribution of its Beastgrip Pro Smartphone Grip in the UK and Japan
DP Review - April 12, 2016
"With just a few accessories, you can go from snapping a selfie to capturing action like a pro."
Beastgrip Pro Lets You Swap Lenses on Any Smartphone
Digital Trends - March 25, 2015
"The Beastgrip Pro seems best for those who already try to push their phone’s camera to its limits with apps and lenses."
The Beastgrip Pro Turns Your Phone Into A Mobile Video Rig
TechCrunch - March 25, 2015
"The company just launched a Kickstarter for the second generation of its rig, and it looks pretty awesome."
Beastgrip Pro May be a Monster Rig for Shooting Phone Video
CNET - March 25, 2015
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